Applications for the Service Industry

KitApp studio is software Services Company focused on Mobile application development. We work with all business sectors; create applications for iOS, Android, and turnkey cross-platform solutions (React Native) hosted on Google Play Market and App Store.

What are the benefits of a mobile application for the service industry?

benefits of a mobile application

Want to sell your services more effectively? Provide your customers with the opportunity to place orders through a mobile app. This will build your business credibility, increase audience loyalty, and help to take service quality to the next level. With the mobile app you can:

  • automate the customer service;
  • simplify the manager’s job and reduce the staffing needs;
  • improve the quality of service;
  • keep records of orders, income, and expenses;
  • optimize business processes;
  • establish communication with the audience; find an individual approach to each client;
  • launch loyalty programs;
  • accumulate and expand the base of loyal customers;
  • get new business promotion channels;
  • scale efficiently, expand the range of services;
  • give customers more than competitors.

While developing an application, we analyze the target audience and business niche based on the concept creation effective for your company. We work on a turnkey basis – from design to launch, support and promotion of a mobile product.

Types of Mobile applications for the Service Industry

KitApp studio develops mobile products for a wide variety of services. You can order the creation of social media applications, entertainment, medicine, cleaning, beauty services, car service, repair, dry cleaning and many other areas.

Applications for Beauty Salons

Applications for Beauty Salons

Clients of beauty salons, barbershops, spa salons, hairdressers, manicure and massage parlors enjoy using mobile applications.

Functionality for clients:

  • service catalog with descriptions, photos and prices, portfolio and appointment schedule;
  • online booking for a convenient date and time, reminder of upcoming visits;
  • push notifications about promotions, discounts, bonuses and loyalty programs;
  • informing about news, price changes and service updates, reviews about masters;
  • creating a GPS route to the salon, feedback to the manager;
  • customizable related products section in the online store;
  • client personal account with saved appointment history and purchases;
  • interactive tools (online selection of manicures, hair colors, hairstyles, etc.).

For salon:

  • automatic acceptance and processing of applications;
  • statistics, employees service reports and types of services;
  • formation of a customer base with saved data and visit histories;
  • store sections management.

A convenient and functional mobile application makes the salon more recognizable and thought after. The audience of the beauty industry appreciates a comfortable modern service and perceives a mobile application as an additional concern for customers.

Mobile application for the maintenance station service

Mobile application for the maintenance station service

In the sector of car maintenance and repair, it is extremely important to interact actively with customers, always keep in touch, and to respond quickly to customer requests. In case of any problems with the car it is possible to order the service of a familiar car service through the installed mobile application for maintenance station service – it is fast, easy and convenient. Functionality for the maintenance station service client:

  • service catalog with description and cost, online appointment;
  • car service cost calculator;
  • reminders for oil changes, seasonal maintenance and other important scheduled procedures;
  • push notifications about news, discounts, promotions and bonuses;
  • shop section for ordering consumables, spare parts, and accessories;
  • loyalty program tools;
  • user’s personal account with saved payment data and order history;
  • feedback to the manager;
  • information section: recommendations, reference data, emergency phone numbers.

For the company:

  • automated processing of applications;
  • reporting, statistics;
  • formation of a customer base;
  • store settings management;
  • setting parameters for a loyalty program;
  • personalized messaging.
Applications for dry-cleaning and laundry

Applications for dry-cleaning and laundry

Dry cleaners and laundries work with a large number of applications and require full automation of recording and these tasks a mobile application solves successfully. For customers, it is an opportunity to place orders easily, and for a company, it is an opportunity to optimize processes, eliminate technical errors, keep records and increase work efficiency.

Functionality for clients:

  • services catalog with description, price and search;
  • filling in an application form, uploading photos;
  • calling a master at home;
  • placing an order for delivery;
  • online payment;
  • tracking implementation stages;
  • push notification of readiness;
  • personal offers, news and promotions;
  • loyalty program tools;
  • cost estimation on internal calculator;
  • user’s personal account with order history;
  • customer service reviews;
  • generation and printing receipts;
  • location map;
  • contact forms with a manager.

For the company:

  • automated processing of applications;
  • automatic record of clients, orders and payments;
  • statistical data on clients, services, and periods;
  • order date calculation;
  • possibility of integration with the current accounting program.

A mobile application for dry cleaners and laundries attracts a new audience and increases the loyalty of existing customers. This is a great opportunity to build a base of regular customers who will easily buy your services using the application.

Benefits of Mobile Apps for the Service Industry

Mobile App Development Stages for Service Industry


We examine company performance and its business processes and the algorithm for customer order fulfillment. We analyze the peculiarities of the target audience, its requests, and needs. We observe competitors’ similar applications to do our best for creating a better product.

Terms of References and a Contract

Based on the results of the audit, we develop the structure of the mobile application, determine the list of functions, and formulate design requirements. We fix all this in detail in the terms of references. After approval of the terms of reference, we conclude an agreement and get started developing.

UX/UI Design Development

The designer creates a unique catching interface that is easy to use. While developing the design, we adhere to the principles of UX / UI so that the application will be not only beautiful but also comfortable for the audience.


We carry out front-end and back-end development of the user part and the admin panel. If necessary, we synchronize the application with the site or the accounting program using the API.


We test the finished product for errors. We find the causes and fix problems so that the application works smoothly and without failures after launch.

Publication, Promotion and Support

We publish the application on the App Store and Play Market, optimize its page and prepare for promotion on request. We launch advertising and other methods of promotion. We provide technical support services and release updates as necessary.


Estimation of Apps Development Cost

Creating an application for a beauty salon, dry cleaning or car service is a multi-stage process that includes design, programming and product testing. The complexity of work on each stage affects the app’s development cost.

Structure and Functionality Structure and Functionality

The price depends on what set of options customers can use, what options are available to administrators, what sections the application consists of and whether an online payment function is, and integration with the site, etc.

Design Complexity Design Complexity

An acceptable option for starting in many niches is an inexpensive interface without complex elements. The exclusive design is more expensive, but it helps to stand out from the competitors, attracts and keeps the audience’s attention.

Android, iOS, or Cross-platform Android, iOS, or Cross-platform

The Apps development cost for services depends on the operating system. One hybrid cross-platform product on React Native will cost less than two separate applications for iOS and Android.

Promotion and Support Promotion and Support

If you want to entrust us with the application promotion and technical support, the cost of these services will be included in the project budget.

Order application development for the service industry

Do you want to develop your business, increase profits,
attract more target audience?
Mobile application will help you achieve these goals!

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    How to Order a Mobile Application for the Service Sector

    KitApp Studio is a big team of qualified specialists with a strong portfolio and great experience in mobile development. You can order an application of any complexity - from the simplest catalog service to the large-scale project for complete business automation.
    We Create Applications for All Types of Services

    We are not limited to certain areas and work with any type of service. We can create a mobile application for a tour operator or develop an application for a clinic, a studio, a workshop, a legal company, a translation agency, or real estate agency. Tell us about your business and together we will find out a concept for a mobile product useful for your customers and profitable for you.

    We work on a turnkey basis

    Сontact us and you will get an application that is completely ready to launch. We can take on the full range of further work, such as placement on the Google Play Market and App Store, technical support, bug fixes, updates, search engine optimization and advertising promotion. This will allow you to get the maximum benefit from the application in the nearest future.

    We guarantee the online payment security

    The application with the online payment functionality is fully protected and users can confidently save bank card data and give personal information. Modern technologies provide a high level of security in these matters.

    We offer favorable prices and meet deadlines

    We organize our teamwork properly, evaluate the complexity of the project adequately, do not break the deadlines and do not waste time. Such an approach allows us to optimize prices and make the most profitable offers to our customers.

    We can develop the application along with your business growth

    Do you plan to expand the range of services, implement new strategic planning, and improve corporate identity? The application will develop along with the business. We can add new sections, finalize the functionality and make a redesign on request. The mobile development from KitApp is flexible and scalable.

    Would you like to discuss your project, get some advice and share your ideas? We are waiting for your applications by phone or via the form on the website. You can also fill out a brief to evaluate the estimated cost of application development.

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