My DonGUU application

University mobile application.
Turnkey development for iOS and Android.
Project duration: 2 months

"My DonGUU" - a mobile application for the university

The mobile application “My DonGUU” is a useful tool for students, applicants, graduates and staff of an educational institution. The “University in a Smartphone” helps to integrate in the life of the University, to be always aware of what is happening and to use the available resources related to the educational, scientific and cultural activities of the University.

What tasks does the mobile application solve for the university?

“My DonGUU” is a personal assistant that helps each participant in the educational process to solve many problems:

  •     Find all the information you need about courses, entry requirements, faculties, specialisms and more;
  •     Have access to the electronic resources of DonGUU;
  •     Follow the university news;
  •     Contact the community of the educational institution;
  •     Receive notifications of important events.

The mobile application is designed to be cross-platform – it works on mobile devices with Android and iOS operating systems.

The functionality of the “My DonGUU” mobile application

Our developers were tasked with consolidating a large amount of information while simplifying the functionality of the application as much as possible to ensure convenience for each user. Together with the client, we worked out the structure of the application, identified the key sections and optimised the functionality of each section.

  •     University News. Information articles about events, activities and achievements of the University are published here. For your convenience, there are several news sections: educational, academic, international and student.
  •     Education programmes. The mobile application provides comprehensive information on the educational programmes for various specialities of the Bachelor, Master, Doctoral and Continuing Education Departments.
  •     Timetable. Users of the mobile application can view the timetable. For a quick search, filters have been introduced by faculty, type of study, year and group.
  •     History of the University. The history of the University is presented in a separate text section, with a description of the main stages of its activity.
  •     Contacts. A separate tab provides up-to-date contact details for the University’s departments – Administration, Admissions, Accounts, Human Resources, etc.
  •     Other sections. The structure of the mobile application also includes other sections: information about the university’s faculties, a schedule of meetings, events and a link to the forum.

Thanks to the mobile application’s capabilities, students, applicants, graduates and university staff can get the information they need at any time of the day and in any volume with just a few touches.

Administrator part of the mobile application

The Administrator is responsible for populating the application base – a panel has been created for their work, allowing them to add, view and edit information. Administrator functions:

  •     Placement of news, notes, articles with photos;
  •     Publication of the timetable;
  •     Placement of information about faculties and educational programmes;
  •     Add and edit other materials.

The administration panel is as easy and convenient as possible to use, and application management does not require a lot of time or resources.

The result of developing a mobile application for the university

The “My DonGUU” application works efficiently, fulfils its functions perfectly and offers the user a wide range of possibilities. The KitApp team solved all the tasks set by the client:

  •     developed a simple and understandable application structure;
  •     created an attractive and user-friendly interface based on the principles of UI / UX design;
  •     completed the programming, developed the optimal architecture of the application;
  •     placed the application in the App Store and Google Play stores, making the “university in a smartphone” available to users of any device.

DonGUU is one of the many universities that have opted for digital innovation. Experience shows that for students and applicants, a mobile application is not only useful, but an indispensable tool for solving everyday educational problems.



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