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IT Consulting

Professional IT consulting services of KitApp team will help you to solve any problems related to the use of information technologies - to launch a project, to improve the quality of development, to improve the IT infrastructure of the company, to optimize business processes with the use of modern IT resources.

Order IT Consulting Services from KitApp

The KitApp team provides professional consulting support to companies, entrepreneurs and startups that are planning to implement IT tools, launch an IT project, create an IT infrastructure or scale existing facilities. The expertise and experience of our team helps to solve real problems and achieve the strategic goals of the client through the use of information technologies:

  • Optimize business processes;
  • Increase team efficiency
  • Increase revenue;
  • Scale the business;
  • Promote products and services
  • Strengthen cybersecurity;
  • Expand the development potential of the company’s IT infrastructure.

We are also open to cooperation with developers who need expert advice in implementing complex projects.

IT Consulting Areas

Specialized consulting support from KitApp will accelerate the process of IT product development, project organization and IT infrastructure creation, reduce financial costs and help you achieve the best possible results for your tasks.

Planning an IT project and not sure where to start? Ask for comprehensive consulting support from the KitApp team – practicing developers who have a deep understanding of the nuances of IT project implementation and are ready to guide you from concept creation to the launch of the finished product. IT project development consulting services provide expert advice at all stages:

  • Analysis of the tasks and needs of the company;
  • Idea generation, strategic planning;
  • Development of terms of reference for the creation of IT products;
  • Selection of tools, technologies, services for effective practical implementation;
  • Technical expertise, solving complex technical problems;
  • Verification of development results at intermediate and final stages;
  • Support in the stages of testing, implementation and technical support of the project.

Consulting services include the development and deployment of mobile applications, websites, customer interaction management systems, specialized business automation software, and project management.

KitApp team consists of specialists of different profiles – front-end and back-end developers, UI/UX designers, testers, project managers. Each specialist has a huge amount of knowledge and experience that he is ready to share with our clients. We provide IT consulting services for service issues that arise during the preparation or implementation of a project. Expert assistance is provided at every stage – from the creation of technical specifications to the development, testing, launch, subsequent promotion and technical support of the product. What we consult on:

  • React JS, Node JS, React Native;
  • iOS, Android and cross-platform application development using JavaScript, CSS, Objective-C, Swift, NPM, HTML, Firebase, Gradle, Kotlin;
  • Promotion – SEO, SMM, ASO, Google Ads;
  • Technical support, release of mobile application updates.

We help you understand the nuances of programming, developing, designing, testing, and deploying IT products. We provide technical recommendations and expert evaluation of solutions for choosing technologies and building system architecture. We work with all modern technologies, frameworks, libraries, programming languages, so we can understand the problem of any complexity, find errors, give professional advice on improving the quality and productivity of work.

The KitApp team provides expert support in the organization of IT projects – from preliminary planning to practical management of development processes:

  • Analyze, assess scope of work, define business objectives and expected results;
  • Strategy development, planning of work phases, definition of team roles and responsibilities;
  • Risk analysis, evaluation of project prospects and opportunities;
  • Efficient allocation of resources, optimization of budget and project implementation timeframe;
  • Identification of reserves for work process optimization and efficient use of resources;
  • Assessing the competencies of specialists working on the project;
  • Selection and implementation of modern methodologies (Agile, Scrum, Waterfall, etc.) for project organization and management;
  • Controlling the quality of work and productivity of specialists;
  • Systematic monitoring of progress, reporting, plan adjustment according to the actual situation;
  • Organization of communication and interaction system between all project participants;
  • Expert opinion on the results of work performance.

Professional consulting services can streamline workflows, increase team productivity, reduce implementation costs, and increase the chances of successful project completion.

If your company needs to create or scale a reliable IT infrastructure, but the task seems quite complicated, order professional consulting from the KitApp team. We will help you create a unified information space that will help automate your business and increase team productivity. Consulting covers all components of business IT infrastructure:

  • Hardware – computers, servers, networking equipment, data storage systems;
  • Software – CRM, SRM, ERP systems, electronic document management and other business process automation programs;
  • Cloud storage, databases, backup and recovery tools, virtualized servers, artificial intelligence tools, etc;
  • Cybersecurity systems, antivirus software;
  • Corporate web resources, mobile applications, communication tools.

We guide our clients through the entire process of IT infrastructure organization: analyzing business needs and requirements, assessing existing capabilities, developing strategy and specifications for equipment, tools and services, selecting technologies, assisting with implementation, deployment and testing of the IT infrastructure, and assisting with staff training.

Professional IT Consulting - Business Benefits

Stages of IT Consulting


In order to organize full consulting support, we conduct preliminary analysis:
- Study the company's field of activity;
- Analyze the product, target audience and competitive advantages;
- Formulate goals and objectives that the client wants to solve with the help of IT resources;
- Audit the existing infrastructure, draw conclusions on the effectiveness of the use of existing technologies and tools;
- Evaluate the qualifications of the specialists involved in the project.

Strategic IT Consulting

Strategic IT consulting is focused on achieving global goals that are critical to business development. At this stage, we provide solutions that help companies grow, gain significant competitive advantage, and determine their long-term market position. Strategic consulting can cover several areas
- Formulating the company's digital transformation objectives;
- Designing an information security posture to protect against cyber threats;
- Developing an IT infrastructure scaling strategy;
- Developing a plan for implementing IT innovations in business processes such as corporate governance, project organization, marketing, customer relations, etc.

Tactical IT Consulting

Tactical IT consulting aims to provide a detailed step-by-step plan for implementing an agreed strategy. We provide clear, practical advice on how to achieve the goals, what needs to be done to solve global problems, and what specific actions will help achieve the desired result. This phase of consulting covers several areas:
- Assessment of existing IT infrastructure capabilities;
- Selection of new tools and technologies;
- Planning for implementation and customization of innovations;
- Developing tactics for staff training, technical support and maintenance of IT tools.

Operational IT Consulting

After agreeing on a strategy and a detailed action plan, we move on to optimizing operational processes. At this stage, the client receives detailed practical recommendations: what technologies, tools and services can be used to solve specific tasks of the company. We work with requests for automation of operational processes in the key areas of the company's activities:
- Purchases;
- Sales;
- Logistics;
- Production;
- Finance;
- Warehouse;
- Customer Service;
- Human Resources;
- Marketing.

Monitoring and Support

After the implementation of the solutions proposed by our consultants, we conduct a final analysis based on various indicators:
- What objectives were achieved;
- How effective the solutions were;
- what benefits and advantages the client received from the IT consulting. For the further development of the project, we advise on technical support issues and develop instructions for training employees to use the new systems. We guarantee the result if the client follows all the recommendations of our consultants.

Comprehensive IT Consulting

Comprehensive IT consulting covers all stages of implementation, optimization and scaling of information technologies. The client receives a complete package of consulting services:
- Preliminary audit, analysis of tasks and objectives;
- Development of strategies and tactics for incorporating IT tools into the company's work;
-Support and implementation of operational solutions in all selected areas. An integrated approach provides the most effective and high-quality result, as it helps to complete current tasks and achieve long-term goals of the company.


How much does IT consulting cost?

The cost of IT consulting is calculated individually for each project, depending on the scope, complexity and timing of the work. How the price is formed:

Analyze the client's goals Analyze the client's goals

Obtain primary information about the client's business objectives and the goals to be achieved through the implementation of information technology.

Evaluate the scope and complexity of the work Evaluate the scope and complexity of the work

Develop a consulting plan - select areas, topics, questions. Determine the level of expertise required and build a team of consultants.

Calculate consulting timeframes Calculate consulting timeframes

Depending on the scope and complexity of the work, we determine the number of one-time consultations or the duration of comprehensive consulting support.

Discount calculation Discount calculation

The best price offers are received by our loyal customers who regularly use KitApp's IT consulting services for their projects.

To calculate the cost of IT consulting services, leave a request through the form on the site - we will analyze your tasks and send a commercial offer.

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    Why it pays to outsource IT consulting to KitApp

    Expertise and experience

    KitApp is a team of experienced professionals who have been working in the IT field for many years. Our expertise is based not only on deep theoretical knowledge, but also on unique practical experience. We know how to get the most out of IT tools and make them work for your business.

    Advanced technologies

    The IT sphere is very dynamic, that is why we always keep our finger on the pulse, directing our clients only to modern technologies, offering effective innovative solutions and warning against the use of irrelevant or outdated tools. When you contact us, you can be sure that your tasks will be solved using the best methods.

    Flexible Service Package

    We provide IT consulting services of various levels - from solving single tasks to complex consulting on development and organization of projects, implementation of IT infrastructure components. Our experience allows us to work with customer requests of any complexity and be as flexible as possible in creating an individual package of services.

    Strategic approach

    When solving a client's current problems, we conduct in-depth analysis, take a comprehensive view of the project, and evaluate the strategy for its further development. Our goal is not only to solve current problems with successful IT solutions, but also to work for the future, taking into account the needs and goals of your business. This approach helps to avoid risks and guarantees a high quality result.

    Optimize your costs

    KitApp's IT consulting is the rational use of IT resources, the adoption of the most profitable tools and effective approaches. We value our client's time and money, so we do everything necessary to optimize costs, including working on complex and non-standard cases. The cost of IT consulting is clearly justified and fixed in the contract.

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    We successfully promote mobile applications for different types of businesses in Ukraine, CIS and Europe: for taxi and truck services, online shops and services, sports and education, as well as corporate segment.
    Development: cross-platform
    Description: Mobile application for pizzerias.
    Time frame: 1.5 months
    Development: Android, iOS
    Description: Mobile application to scan VIN codes of vehicles.
    Time frame: 2 months
    Development: Android, iOS
    Description: A mobile application to keep track of new movie releases.
    Time frame: 1.5 months
    Development: Android, iOS
    Description: A mobile application for pet owners.
    Time frame: 1.5 months
    Development: Android, iOS
    Description: A mobile application for the university.
    Time frame: 2 months


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    The studio team consists of qualified specialists: project managers, designers, frontend specialists, backend developers, testers. Together we create turnkey mobile applications for Android - from interface design to publishing and product support.
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