PetsHealth App

Mobile application for pet owners.
Development for iOS and Android.
Project duration: 1.5 months.


The PetsHealth app brings together several services that make it easy to organise the right care for your pets. By installing a mobile application, the owner gets a lot of useful tools – from storing documents to searching for services. Everything you need is at your fingertips: important information, task scheduler, service directory and more. You can use the application from any device – a smartphone or tablet based on iOS and Android.


User Interface

Our task was to create a user-friendly application that would not only perform its functions well, but also evoke positive emotions in the user.

We’ve paid close attention to this aspect:

  • We have created a simple application structure so that people do not get lost in the sections and can easily find the options they need;
  • developed a visually appealing, user-friendly interface based on the principles of UI/UX design;
  • thought about the style, chose an understated colour scheme;
  • created original interface elements – buttons, icons, menu items and animated effects.

The result is a very user-friendly interface.



The PetsHealth App mobile application offers users a wide range of options. In developing this product, we have tried to cover as many of the issues that pet owners face on a daily basis. Let’s take a look at the main areas of the application.

Pets page

The main page contains all the information about the animal:

  • Photo;
  • Nickname;
  • Gender and age;
  • Online passport;
  • Medical records – immunisation records, test results, medical history, allergy records.

If you have more than one pet, a separate page is created for each. Online documents are always available and can be used when needed – no need to carry around a pile of paperwork.

Services for pets

This section contains a list of services by category:

  • Veterinary care – a list of clinics and specialists with the option to make an appointment.
  • Grooming – pet care services.
  • Training and education – cynologists, zoopsychologists, trainers, animal walkers.
  • Zoo hotels – a list of places for temporary overstaying of pets, contact details of volunteers.
  • Accommodation – addresses of public and private accommodation in the desired location.
  • All Services – a section that combines services from all categories.

The locations of clinics, salons, zoos, hotels and other facilities are shown in a separate tab on the map. Searching on the map allows you to quickly find the facility you are looking for.

Calendar of events

The user maintains a calendar of events related to pet ownership in the application. The task planner allows you to structure everything so you don’t forget or lose track of anything. The application sends notifications to your device to remind you of upcoming events. Each task has a date and time. Events are divided into three tabs:

  • Planned tasks that need to be completed in the future – for example, a trip to the vet or buying a toy for a pet;
  • Regular tasks that need to be performed at a certain frequency – monthly, weekly, etc.
  • Past – a complete history of events for the entire time the application has been in use.

Thanks to a simple and convenient tool, the owner will never forget anything important – vaccinations or grooming, visits to a clinic or pet shop. With just a few touches, the user can find a suitable facility, instantly make an appointment, add an event to the calendar and set a reminder. There is no need to remember a lot of information, take notes and use different sources to find services – the PetsHealth application solves all these tasks in a comprehensive and centralised way.


The process and outcome of mobile application development

KitApp’s team of specialists implemented the project from the ground up:

  • We analysed a case and learned about the needs of the target audience.
  • We have developed a concept that takes into account the specifics of caring for different types of pets and the peculiarities of their contents. The main objective is to help the owner to cover the maximum number of urgent tasks.
  • We developed a structure and created a design and usable interface.
  • Programming with modern solutions for iOS and Android.
  • We put the application on the App Store and Google Play stores for download to any gadget.

The PetsHealth mobile app is highly rated and deservedly popular, outperforming competing products in many ways. But we are not resting on our laurels – we are constantly developing the application, improving its design and functionality.



Our studio has qualified and experienced developers: project managers, designers, front-end specialists, back-end developers, testers. Together we create functional mobile applications for iOS and Android.


Development costs depend on the complexity of the project.
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