Kitapp Studio develops hybrid mobile applications. These are cross-platform projects that run on iOS and Android devices.


According to statistics, the total number of iOS and Android device users in Ukraine exceeds 90%. With the cross-platform mobile solution from Kitapp you don’t have to think about which operating system to develop and which audience to choose accordingly. The cross-platform will cover users of both operating systems.

The benefits:

  • hybrid applications on Ionic are created much faster than native counterparts;
  • some cross-platform applications may partially function without permanent access to the Internet (except for complex client-server architecture variants);
  • the project can be published in both Google Play and App Store simultaneously at the end of development, which allows to quickly launch the application for operation;
  • updates, functional changes are implemented on all operating systems at once, which saves on application support;
  • lower cost of developing applications on the cross-platform, as it is cheaper than creating two applications separately for iOS and Android.

The above proves: wide coverage of the target audience, saving time, resources and money – undeniable advantages of hybrid models.


разработка приложений
Scope and competitor analysis
разработка приложений
Creation of technical specifications
разработка приложений
BACK-END development (design)
разработка приложений
Logic, UX/UI design
разработка приложений
FRONT-END development
разработка приложений
BACK-END development (Admin Panel, API)
разработка приложений
Application testing
разработка приложений
Publication on marketplaces
разработка приложений
Project Support



The cost of creating an application depends on the complexity of the project.
The price is negotiated at the beginning of negotiations.
Technical assignment:

Studio portfolio

Portfolio of mobile applications of our studio. We have developed projects for various businesses: trucking, taxi, services, sports, education, online stores.
Development: Cross-platform
Description: Sports mobile application for organizing sports events.
Terms: 3 months
Development: Android
Description: Sports mobile application.
Terms: 3 months
Development: Android
Description: Mobile app for the Fissman online shop.
Terms: 2 months
Development: Cross-platform
Description: Mobile application for EСOMIX online store.
Terms: 2 months
Development: Cross-platform
Description: Mobile application for truck drivers.
Terms: 3 months


The studio team consists of qualified specialists: project-managers, designers, front-end specialists, back-end developers, testers.
Together we create turnkey mobile applications for Android - from interface design to publication and product support.

Grow your business

A mobile application on a cross-platform will help you grow your business.
Technical assignment:


In the IT sphere the creation of applications on a hybrid platform is only gaining momentum. Kitapp is one of the few studios that offers professional development of cross-platform projects.

The advantage of the cross-platform platform is that it allows the application to function on different operating systems for mobile devices. This means that every user with both iOS and Android platform installed on his mobile phone can use such an application.

Our team creates and develops applications for projects in Kharkiv, Kiev, Dnipro, Odessa, Lviv, Zaporozhye, Mykolaiv, Kherson, Poltava, Chernigov, Khmelnytskyi, Zhytomyr and other cities of Ukraine, CIS countries and Europe.

The process of creating applications includes

  • Forensics. Investigation of competitive projects, feedback on them, updates. Study of client expectations, setting the main goal, defining the target audience.
  • Prototyping. Development of prototypes, drafting a clear TOR, according to which all subsequent design will take place. Custom scenarios are being thought out.
  • Drawing of the design. Logo, splash screens, unique buttons, application icon are modeled. Brand colors and symbols are selected. Presentable images of all functional application pages and their structures are created taking into account different design features for iOS and Android.
  • Programming. Executed in JavaScript language, Ionic framework. Make-up, functioning of all screen elements, correct data transfer, if necessary RESTful API is connected to configure data transfer between client and server parts. To save time JS-libraries – React, for example, are used.
  • Testing. Possible errors are detected and corrected, changes are made, and improvements are made for improvement. Usability, performance, stability are tested. The application is diagnosed by means of auto, manual tests, and if necessary, usage statistics (AppMetrica, CrashLytics or others) are introduced for timely troubleshooting of the application.
  • Market placement. The first significant step to promote the finished product is its launch in App Store, Google Play. Platforms for mobile applications have a number of requirements. Non-compliance with these criteria excludes the possibility of an application getting into online stores. Our studio knows the features and requirements of marketplaces and complies with them, ensuring fast and correct placement of projects.

The work on project creation is carried out using Agile-methodology. The entire IT work cycle is divided into several key phases. These phases are called sprints. This approach to work allows the client to get acquainted with all the details of the work process at any stage, to be aware of changes. The client will immediately see the first results and will be able to evaluate the overall achievements.

 It’s worth developing your business with KitApp because our team:

  • We use effective working methods and modern development technologies.
  • Find unique and creative solutions for each project.
  • It takes on difficult, non-standard and voluminous orders.
  • Works according to the set terms, not deviating from the TOR approved with the client.
  • Has accumulated solid experience during the creation of dozens of successful applications.


What is the cross-platform app? arrow

Hybrid (cross-platform) are called mobile applications that run on different operating systems. Such applications run on Android and iOS platforms and even on desktop versions of operating systems, which is why they have received the popular name – cross-platform. Applications can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play and are developed relatively quickly and are cheaper than native projects. Hybrid mobile applications are created using web technologies HTML5, CSS3 and JS, then compiled into native code and adapted for different platforms. As a result, one universal code produces two iOS and Android embedded applications at once.

What is the cross-platform developing timeline? arrow

The term of creating a cross-platform mobile application depends on the technical task and complexity of the functionality. For example, to create a taxi service program may take 3-4 months, and the development of an online store requires about 1.5-2 months. You get two ready-made mobile applications at once – for iOS and Android platforms, which saves not only the time of project creation, but also finances.

What is the price? arrow

The development price of a cross-platform mobile application depends on how complex and diverse its functional part will be. The more complex the function is, the more time it will take for developers to implement it, and therefore the more expensive the project itself will cost. In general, the average price of a hybrid application creation is $2500-$3000. The exact cost can be defined by the expert after studying of the technical project and discussion of tasks directly with the customer.

How does this kind of development benefit? arrow

If you want to reach as large an audience as possible and go directly to Google Play and the App Store at the same time, but are not ready to invest large sums of money to create two separate applications, then the option with hybrid development is optimal. Such universal applications work perfectly on iOS and Android, keeping the advantages of native projects, but are developed much faster. One more significant advantage of a cross-platform application is the lower cost, as compared to creating two or more native products.

Are you publish application in App Store and Google Play? arrow

The final stage of our work is to provide the customer with two mobile applications for Android and iOS operating systems at once. Further registration in Google Play, App Store and payment for accounts is made by the customer himself. However, by prior agreement our experts can help with the preparation of the application description in accordance with the requirements and recommendations of stores, creating the necessary screenshots, publishing and ASO optimization of the project.

Do you provide support after the app activation? arrow

Before developing a mobile application, we necessarily sign a contract with the customer, in which we specify our obligations in detail and guarantee their fulfillment. In the text of the document we specify the terms of project realization, cost of works and conditions of cooperation. Additional items regarding the development of the technical specification, application design and other tasks important for the client may be specified separately. In addition, we provide free post-project support for the project during the first month after its release.

What are the requirements when developing on a cross-platform? arrow

The design of any mobile application must be as user-friendly as possible. To do this, you need to ensure a good display on devices with different sizes and aspect ratios, take into account the presence of physical and screen buttons, the presence of “bangs” (the area at the top of the screen with the front camera and sensors) or its absence, the location and size of cameras, the location of buttons “back” and “menu” and other factors. Design should follow the recommendations of Google (Material Design) and Apple (Human Interface Guidelines).

Do you provide support after the project is completed? arrow

After the delivery of the finished product to the customer, our specialists work within one month to identify and eliminate possible errors or weaknesses in the program. With the help of metrics and analytics systems we analyze the work of the application in real conditions, study user behavior and their feedback, which allows us to quickly make necessary corrections. If you want our specialists to continue to support the project, adapt it to the new trends and requirements of the mobile application industry after this month, you can order additional post-project support. You can pay for this service annually or quarterly depending on your preferences and tasks.

What are the terms of payment? arrow

The mobile application development agreement describes in detail the entire creation mechanism and payment conditions. As a rule, the cost of project implementation in accordance with the Terms of Reference is divided into stages (the so-called project sprints), which allows you to remove the financial burden from the client. Payment is made on the basis of a closed statement of work performed separately for each stage.

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