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Promotion apps on Google Play and App Store

promote mobile app

There are many ways to promote mobile apps. We offer an individual plan and a set of methods for each project, depending on the app specifics. Promotion tools:

  • contextual and targeted advertising;
  • promotion in social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, TikTok);
  • content marketing;
  • advertising on Google Play and App Store;
  • search engine promotion in the stores;
  • advertising landing page, сSEO website promotion;
  • outdoor advertising, QR code placement;
  • сooperation with bloggers, video reviews on Youtube;
  • offline methods;

We analyze the niche, target audience, and competitors to develop an optimal online promotion strategy. We identify suitable channels, calculate the necessary budget, predict the result, and set deadlines. We coordinate the details with the customer and start the project. We have extensive experience, so we guarantee:

  • effective promotion;
  • getting the app to the top;
  • increase in the number of downloads;
  • fast achievement of results.

Why promote the app?

Develop an application and publish it in the store - isn't it enough? Why advertise an app? You need to understand: that any commercial project needs advertising and competent marketing. If you do nothing, even the best application can go unnoticed in a highly competitive environment.

application promotion

Main goals of promotion

Launching a new product is difficult. Without advertising, there is no chance of reaching the top. Exceptions are special-purpose applications, such as corporate programs for company employees.

The main goals of application promotion:

  • increase downloads of the app;
  • getting positive feedback, improving rating;
  • activation of user engagement;
  • increasing brand/product/company awareness;
  • building a loyal audience.

All these indicators are not just abstract numbers and concepts. They have a critical meaning: if promoted well, the application works to its full potential, generates profit, helps run the business, and solves other tasks.

promote an app

How to develop a promotion plan

How to promote an app? There is no easy answer to this question – every app has to go its own way. There is a specific set of tools with which a marketer works. But this does not mean that all of them are universal and can be used for any project. We approach strategy formation individually and creatively, use the experience of other projects, and analyze the following points:

  • What are the characteristics of the target audience, what they need, and what attracts them;
  • How tough the competition in the niche is, who you will have to compete with;
  • What is the quality of the application, does it have any technical errors, and does it need improvements;
  • What are the deadlines for the project? Do you need to get quick results by a specific date, or are you planning to promote the project on an ongoing basis?
  • Do you plan to use offline methods or only Internet marketing;
  • What is the budget, and how much is the customer willing to invest in promotion?

The results of this analysis influence promotion areas and channels. In the next stage, we work out the strategy in detail and create a phased plan with a clear list of work, deadlines, and prices. We coordinate the plan with the customer and only after that we start work.


ASO – optimizing the application page in the store

To effectively promote a mobile app, it is necessary to create a good page for the project on Google Play and App Store. Special App Store Optimization (ASO) measures we use:

  • selection of keywords by which users can find the application;
  • optimization of the text component – title, subtitle, description;
  • the right choice of category;
  • work with feedback, including negative feedback;
  • optimization of graphics (icons, screenshots);
  • creating a promotional video that attracts the attention of the target audience;
  • general work on the quality and reputation of the project to improve its ranking in Google Play and App Store.

ASO optimization gives a lot of advantages: the app stands out from competitors, attracts more interested users, and becomes more recognizable. As a result, the number of downloads and positive feedback grows, and the chances of getting into the top ranks increase.

Mobile app advertising

Other ways to promote mobile apps

SMM promotion of the application

Communities on social networks Facebook, Instagram, and Telegram help to form a loyal audience, strengthen brand image, and increase its recognition. The main task of maintaining pages in social networks is to interest users with unique content, events, and creatives. We use standard SMM technologies for promotion.

Website development and promotion, content promotion

We can create a landing page or multi-page web resource with interesting thematic content. For website promotion, we use contextual advertising. We create a blog on a multipage site and publish quality content there to be announced in search engines using SEO. This method does not give instant results but works well in the long term. Materials are published on the Internet that mentions the app being promoted. The main task is to form positive associations with the product and show that it can cover any user's needs.

Offline ways

A mobile app can be promoted far beyond the Internet, and many ways exist. Outdoor advertising, printing, TV, radio, press, PR campaigns, thematic events, conferences - all these methods can be helpful and practical. The main thing is to allocate the target audience clearly and choose the proper advertising channels. The advantages of this method are the ability to reach a large audience, strengthen the image and increase brand awareness.

Video Reviews on Youtube

Video content works great for promoting mobile apps and gets a good response from the target audience. Creative videos can be posted on your Youtube channels if they are sufficiently promoted. However, a more practical option is to publish videos in unique communities engaged in app reviews. It gathers the target audience interested in innovations in this sphere and waiting for the release of new products.

QR codes

With the help of a QR code, it is possible to make a quick entrance to the application page. This is one of the types of passive advertising; we use it as an auxiliary method of promotion. There are many options for placing QR codes - printed materials, branded products, e-mails, websites, and social networks.

App Indexing

App Indexing allows you to attract traffic directly from the search engine. The link to the app is displayed in Google search results if the user enters the corresponding query. In addition, the system prompts the user to download and launch the app when the user clicks the link.


How much does it cost to promote a mobile app

The cost of promotion depends on many factors and is formed individually. In addition to the advertising budget, project management services are paid – planning, launching advertising campaigns, tracking performance, analytics, strategy adjustment, application page optimization. For an accurate calculation, we analyze the following indicators:

Application purpose Application purpose

Functionality, niche and level of competition, monetization methods.

Application state Application state

The presence of bugs, the need for technical improvements. Expenses for finalizing the application - fixing bugs, improving the product, redesigning, etc.

Rating Rating

Rating of the application at the time of the start of the advertising campaign, features of the target audience, work with reviews.

Desired results Desired results

Advertising budget - payment for clicks, services of bloggers, placement of materials on paid resources, etc. The calculation is made according to the prices of the respective platforms and services that are used in the project.

But it is important to understand that a large advertising budget will not help a weak, raw, low-quality application. If the product is boring and not useful to the target audience, then a wave of deletions will follow the stream of downloads. Users are well versed in the quality of mobile programs, they choose only the best options and often do not forgive even the smallest mistakes. It is better to lay the foundation for promotion at the development stage of iOS applications and Android programs: ensure trouble-free operation, create a cool design and functionality, stand out from the mass of competitors. If the business is handled by professionals, then the cost of developing the application pays off with its hassle-free promotion. Otherwise, you have to reshape and improve the finished product - and these are unjustified additional costs.

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    KitApp - mobile development studio, a large team of experienced, creative, and proactive specialists. We create apps with our hands, so we know everything about them - this knowledge is precious for promotion.

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    We will help you if you only think about creating an application: we will develop a high-quality product, create a solid base for further promotion, and engage in the promotion.

    Promotion of existing applications

    If you already have an app and want to promote it, we will conduct an audit, assess the prospects, make a plan to improve the product, and then can guarantee the success of its promotion.

    Variability of promotion methods

    We try to use the maximum promotional methods available, combine online and offline methods, and work for the future. We achieve the best results through systematic and long-term work with the application.

    Monitoring audience needs

    We track the needs of the audience, respond sensitively to changes in requests, go one step ahead of our competitors, and give users more opportunities. The main goal is for people not just to download the application but to use it and consider it indispensable actively. This requires a systematic approach, state-of-the-art tools, and the hard work of an experienced team.

    Send us a request - we will offer an optimal strategy, calculate the cost and estimate the timing of the promotion of your application.

    Fill in the brief

    How to get your app to the top of Google Play and App Store

    to the top of the Google Play

    An essential goal of Android app development is to get to the top of the Google Play store. From the search results, you can get a flow of interested users who came with a clear goal – to find a tool to solve their tasks. For promoting iOS apps all use the App Store.

    The exact algorithms and secrets of ranking in the App Store and Google Play are not disclosed. In practice, it has been established that applications with good scores, more installations in general, and in recent days get to the top positions. It is important too how many are failures in the program, the number of deletions, and the activity of users.

    Of great importance is the number of impressions to the number of installations, the relevance of key queries, and the descriptions. Google also considers the parameters of external promotion – the number of mentions and links on the Internet. To ensure you reach the top, you must comply with all these requirements, and work on the project systematically.

    Keywords for search engine promotion

    The effectiveness of search engine promotion depends on how well keywords are selected. Keyword optimization allows you to receive free organic traffic from search engines. Apps at the top of search rankings get the most downloads, so it’s essential to make every effort to get to the top. Conversely, if the app is not on the first lines, the chances of getting organic traffic decrease.

    How do you get your app to the top? One of the essential conditions is the correct composition of the semantic core. The list of keywords includes:

    • brand name, application name;
    • functions that are useful to users;
    • trending queries in the search bar;
    • Geolocation icons if the application is geo-located.

    The effectiveness and speed of keyword promotion depend on the topic and the level of competition. For example, low-frequency keywords are more accessible to promote in narrow-directed niches. It is challenging to encourage a beginner with high-frequency queries if there are big competitors in your niche. In this case, you need to attract paid and organic traffic.

    How to define the target audience

    The target audience definition’s accuracy affects any promotion method’s success. The parameters of the target audience are specified in the settings for targeted advertising, taken into account when selecting bloggers for integration, when searching for sites to publish reviews, and when creating content for websites and social networks. Therefore, it is important to know the following parameters of the target audience:

    • gender and age, place of residence;
    • occupation, hobbies, interests;
    • visited sites, time of activity during the day and by day of the week;
    • behavioral factors, preferred communication style.

    The wider the target audience, the greater the competition and the more complicated the promotion. A portrait of the potential client you need to form as early as the stage of development to link functionality, design, and content harmoniously while taking into account users’ needs and requirements. And then, these characteristics should be used in promotion.

    Competitor analysis

    To interest the user, you need to stand out from the competition. To do this, we conduct an analysis of competing products – design, functionality, and approaches to promotion. Then, we use successful solutions and avoid common mistakes to offer a better product.

    It is important to stay in the trend. However, it is important to introduce your own “features”: a higher-quality product, an exciting design, and valuable options that your competitors don’t have. If all of this has not been considered in the app, we suggest refining and improving it – and only then launching an advertising campaign.

    For example, the competitiveness of an app for an online store can be increased by adding online payment and extending the search and product filtering functions. In addition, you can add the option of real-time vehicle tracking to a trucking app. These simple steps will allow you to become better than some of your competitors

    How to improve the app rating

    The user spends a few seconds getting acquainted with the application page. During this time, the user has time to view descriptions and screenshots and evaluate the rating. Low ratings and bad reviews are frequent reasons for refusal to install the app. How do we work with the rating:

    • quality testing and ASO optimization of the application;
    • we do not allow bugs, and if something goes wrong, we eliminate them as quickly as possible;
    • provide feedback to users, answer all questions;
    • work with negative feedback, neutralize negative feedback, and demonstrate active work on improving the application;
    • build audience loyalty online, strengthening the product’s image beyond Google Play and the App Store.

    How to evaluate the effectiveness of promotion: application analytics

    We track the results of advertising in dynamics; the customer receives the relevant reports:

    • how the promotion is going, what indicators have been achieved in general and in comparison with the previous period;
    • how the audience interacts with the app, which features are most in demand;
    • what can we improve in the app.

    The report contains figures from Firebase and Play Console analytics systems, Apple Analytics, and others. The data is presented in the form of tables, graphs, and charts. A set of indicators that we calculate to evaluate the effectiveness of promotion:

    • total number of downloads, growth dynamics;
    • position compared to competitors;
    • number of conversions – organic and advertising traffic, conversion – the ratio of the number of clicks and downloads;
    • number of failures, more frequent types of devices;
    • the number of times the application is uninstalled after installation;
    • download price, the average session time in the application;
    • rating, the number and nature of reviews;
    • the level of income from monetization.


    The KitApp team has been working in mobile development since 2014. We have implemented over 50 successful projects for business. Our showcases includes mobile applications for online stores, taxis, cargo transportation, sports, medicine, education etc.
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    Terms: 1.5 months
    Development: Android, iOS
    Description: Mobile application for scanning vehicle VIN codes.
    Terms: 2 months
    Development: Android, iOS
    Description: Mobile application for tracking the release of new films.
    Terms: 1.5 months
    Development: Android, iOS
    Description: Mobile application for pet owners.
    Terms: 1.5 months
    Development: Android, iOS
    Description: Mobile application for university.
    Terms: 2 months


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