The development of mobile applications for iOS opens new perspectives for business. iPhone users are an active, solvent audience worth offering their services.
Order an iOS application in KitApp - you are guaranteed to get high results.


The mobile operating system, designed specifically for Apple products, owns about 15% of the modern device market. At the same time, over 2 million applications have already been published in the App Store.

The interest of business in iPhone is fully justified. Consumers of Apple equipment not only prefer high-quality software but also are willing to pay decent money for the services used.

Statistics of iOS users in Ukraine:

  • Among 14 million mobile users, more than 15% use iOS devices, which is more than 2 million people.
  • their average age is from 18 to 34 y.o.
  • More than 50% of the mobile audience are actively searching for goods and services through iOS applications.
  • 70% of them find what they want and make purchases within the next hour, another 15% – within 24 hours.

For this reason, business owners choose to create a mobile application for iOS rather than other operating systems.


1. Preparation
разработка приложений
Niche and competitor analysis
разработка приложений
Discussing functionality, writing the terms of reference
разработка приложений
BACK-END part design
2. Realisation
разработка приложений
Creating logic circuits, UX/UI design
разработка приложений
разработка приложений
Development of the BACK-END (Admin Panel, API)
3. Activation
разработка приложений
Program Testing
разработка приложений
Publication on App Store
разработка приложений
Post-project Support
Developing an application for iPhone or iPad is not a problem for us!
We create native iOS projects for businesses, online stores, restaurants, sports clubs etc.



The price of developing a mobile application for iOS
depends on the complexity of functionality and scope of work.
Write us about your project and
we'll estimate the cost of its creation.
Technical assignment:


KitApp Studio has a long history of developing mobile applications for iPhone and iPad.
Our developments for iOS have become an effective channel to attract users and increase profits in the corporate segment, taxi and logistics, online shopping, sports and other businesses.
Below you can see a part of our completed projects - mobile applications for iOS.
Development: Cross-platform
Description: Sports mobile application for organizing sports events.
Terms: 3 months
Development: Android
Description: Sports mobile application.
Terms: 3 months
Development: Android
Description: Mobile app for the Fissman online shop.
Terms: 2 months
Development: Cross-platform
Description: Mobile application for EСOMIX online store.
Terms: 2 months
Development: Cross-platform
Description: Mobile application for truck drivers.
Terms: 3 months


KitApp studio team has qualified developers: project managers, designers, front- and back-end specialists, testers. Together we create turnkey mobile applications for iOS: from design to publication in the App Store.


Do you want your business to grow, make a profit,
expand your client base?
Then you just need to develop an application for iOS!
Technical assignment:


Our studio takes orders for mobile application development for iOS devices. In the process of product creation, we use modern technologies for platform and iOS, which guarantee high speed, user-friendliness and possibility of monetization. To order our services is beneficial for those who are looking for a reliable performer to create a project for business development, and those who want to get entertainment or cognitive program for mobile devices. We create mobile iOS applications not only for customers from Ukraine but also from CIS countries and Europe.

The development is carried out on the basis of the technical task. We use Agile-methodology, according to which the project is broken down into sprints (key stages). The client can monitor the implementation of each stage, be aware of the progress of work, assess the results and achievements of mobile iOS application development. worth offering their services.

Order an iOS application in KitApp – you’re guaranteed to get high results.

The key stages of creating an application:

  • Analysis of requirements. The target audience is determined, similar projects from the App Store are studied. Architecture is designed and the overall concept of the future product is thought through in detail. Working documentation is written.
  • Application design development. Creation of iOS interface in accordance with Apple requirements and standards. Particular attention is paid to user-friendliness, harmonious palette of shades, easy navigation, thought-out transitions, clear structure.
  • Programming. Mobile application for iOS is programmed in Swift or Objective-C languages. Development can take place using either client-server architecture or a separate product. In the first case, two parts of the application are developed: front-end and back-end. At the stage of creating the front-end part, the screens are made up, their logical connection to each other and the programming of functional blocks. During back-end development, database architecture is designed, server part is created: API, project content management admin panel (if necessary). It is possible to develop with completely isolated environment inside the product (local database, use of system calls of device functions, etc.).
  • Testing. Testing of application stability on iOS devices, compatibility with previously approved versions of the operating system. Both automated and manual tests are used.
  • Publish it on the App Store. For an application to be published on an iOS platform, it must meet its requirements. We know all the limitations and prohibitions of the App Store to successfully publish the project in the store.

Cooperation with KitApp Studio ensures

  • an integrated approach to the implementation of the task at any stage of the project;
  • use of modern technologies and own developments;
  • orientation to a high result;
  • objective prices for creation of iOS applications and partner programs of project support;
  • high quality of development with strict observance of TOR and deadlines.

Our team will effectively cope with tasks of any complexity and subject. In objective terms, we will create a mobile application for iOS for small and medium businesses, corporate clients, online stores and other industries.

Remember: only a quality product can meet expectations and give good results!


What is the application development timeline? arrow

The complexity, functionality, tools and additional components determine the cost of developing a mobile application for the iOS operating system and the project implementation period. Therefore, the most accurate calculations can be named by a specialist after he gets acquainted with the technical task and discusses the important points of the future application with the customer. For example, an application for a taxi service is being developed for about 3-4 months, while creation of an iOS application for an online store takes on average 1.5-2 months. Contact our managers and we will be able to calculate the exact terms individually.

What is the price of creating an iOS application? arrow

The price of developing a mobile application for iOS may vary significantly depending on its complexity. The more complex and functional a program will be, the more time it will take the development team to create it, and the higher the cost of implementing the project. On average, the price of creating an iOS application is starting from $6000.

Who would benefit from ordering application development on iOS? arrow

Users of devices of Apple corporation by right are considered the most solvent, as the statistics confirms. Therefore, if you want to find an audience and users willing to pay for quality goods or services, it will be profitable for you to create a mobile application for iOS. In addition, users of devices from Apple know very well that the App Store accommodates only verified, reliable and high-quality programs, and they are more willing to install, use and invest money. If your application is unique and useful, the App Store will help you find paying users and promote your product.

Are you adding a project to the App Store? arrow

Register in the App Store and pay for your account directly by the customer. This procedure is not simple and contains many important details. Therefore, our experts will certainly help you prepare a description, correctly publish the application, create the necessary screenshots and give recommendations on optimization and promotion. We also provide services of placing a mobile project in the market and conducting ASO (App Store Optimization).

Is there a guarantee after development? arrow

The best guarantee of our professionalism and fulfillment of our obligations to the customer in full is the conclusion of a contract. In addition to prices and terms of the project, the text of the document will specify all types of work that the studio undertakes to perform: application design, writing the terms of reference, functional part, support conditions and other details. We fulfill all points of the contract signed with the client and guarantee strict observance of all rights of the client.

What are the design requirements for applications on iOS? arrow

When developing the design of a mobile application for iOS, it is necessary to take into account certain features and requirements: the absence of the “Back” button on the devices, take care of support for both iPhone and iPad, take into account different variants of aspect ratio and resolution. Also, you should not forget about the “business card” iPhone, starting from version X, the famous “bangs” – part of the device screen, where the front camera and sensors are located. The design should be suitable for devices with and without this “bangs”. Another nuance – Retina display with a high density of pixels. The design should take into account the presence and absence of this type of display on different devices. And the most important – it is necessary to consider recommendations and requirements of corporation Apple – Human Interface Guidelines.

Do you provide support after app development? arrow

After launching an application and publishing it in the App Store, the studio specialists study its work, analyze its functional processes, pay attention to user behavior and conduct a number of tests. These works are carried out 1 month after the release. They allow you to identify software errors and fix them immediately. In addition, as an additional service you can order post-project support from us, which is paid annually or quarterly depending on your preferences. The studio is also contacted to develop or expand the application functions. In this case we evaluate the requirements and tasks and open a new stage of work on the project.

For which devices the application is created? arrow

Mobile iOS apps from our studio successfully work on iPhone and iPad devices, for which they were created. In addition, some applications can be used on other Apple devices (e.g. iPod Touch), provided the appropriate functionality is available.

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