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Kitapp Studio develops educational applications for Android, iOS and cross-platform applications. We create a concept and design, develop and place the application in the Google Play Market and App Store.

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We develop mobile applications for the education sector – universities, schools, special educational institutions and kindergartens. Coaches, trainers and online schools use our products to organise courses, trainings, seminars and other educational programmes. With a mobile application, you can create a learning process anywhere, regardless of the location of students and teachers. All you need is a smartphone and access to the Internet – and the educational possibilities are endless.

Why is it worth ordering a mobile application from us?

  • You get a unique project that takes into account the specifics of the institution’s activities and the characteristics of its academic programmes.
  • We work with the latest technologies, so your application will be fast and modern.
  • We create a detailed technical brief to ensure that the result is exactly what you want.
  • We set out the terms of cooperation, pricing, warranties and guarantees in a formal contract.
  • After launch, we provide support and promotion services for the application.

Types of apps for education

Educational applications help users learn languages, general and specialised subjects, improve their skills and gain professional knowledge. The teaching method determines the functionality. You can divide the course into individual lessons or into levels of difficulty. The interface is dominated by interactive game elements. Online tests can be integrated into the application to check knowledge. Paid services for monetisation: subscriptions, certificates and content. There are also other applications that focus on specific areas of education.

For educational institutions

For educational institutions

The development of mobile applications for educational institutions is a service requested by universities, schools, colleges, kindergartens, etc. that want to make the learning process more progressive. The application contains various tools for the work of teachers and students:

  • The online resources of the institution;
  • Sections with information on academic programmes, admission requirements and specialisations;
  • Educational news;
  • Communication form with users;
  • Push notifications of important dates and events.
For learning platforms

For learning platforms

The mobile application for online schools contains a full range of educational materials and implements functionality that allows students to gain knowledge anywhere, anytime. Features of the development of educational applications:

  • Clear structure of the material and systematisation of the learning process;
  • Intuitive interface for ease of use;
  • Tracking of training progress in the user’s account and electronic diary;
  • Introduction of interactive elements to increase student engagement;
  • Personalised settings to suit the wishes and needs of each user;
  • The ability to monetise through the sale of paid content and subscriptions.
Knowledge bases, reference books, tests

Knowledge bases, reference books, tests

Students and teachers want to have the information they need at their fingertips and are actively using mobile applications:

  • Reference books;
  • Dictionaries;
  • Textbooks, knowledge bases in various subjects;
  • Problem solvers;
  • Libraries;
  • Collections of lectures, articles and reviews;
  • Video and audio material.
Testing applications

Testing applications

Applications with tests help you with important tasks:

  • Preparing for school and university exams;
  • Prepare for admission tests;
  • Prepare for the driving test;
  • Test your knowledge;
  • Assess your language skills.
Electronic journals

Electronic journals

Many modern schools are moving from paper journals to online journals. This successful practice brings many benefits to educational institutions:

  • Automated tracking of student progress;
  • Centralised maintenance of an electronic diary to record homework;
  • Feedback between students and teachers;
  • Convenient timetabling;
  • Publish news, announcements and events.
Useful Applications

Useful applications

Students and pupils actively use useful applications such as

  • printed and handwritten text recognition,
  • Notes;
  • Formula calculator,
  • Diaries;
  • Timetables;
  • Translators,
  • Reminders;
  • Task scheduler;
  • Other tools to make the learning process easier.

Benefits of mobile apps for education

Steps to create an educational app

The creation of educational programs has its own specifics. But there is a general algorithm that we use to implement mobile projects:

Competitor Analysis

We study competing applications that are popular and have many downloads. We analyse their design, structure and functionality. We find weaknesses to avoid similar mistakes. Finally, we identify the benefits that will make your app stand out from the competition.

Target group analysis

It is important to know who will be using the application, why, and what tasks it will solve. Based on this, we determine the style of the interface and the features that will be available to the user.

The mission statement

We record all decisions in the document. The brief contains a detailed description of the structure, functionality and design. Once all the details have been agreed with the client, we sign the contract and start the project.

Design Development

We develop UX/UI design to make the application attractive and easy to use. We also create interactive prototypes for complex products, allowing you to test the operation of the programme before programming and making the necessary adjustments.


We develop front-end and back-end parts. For quick and easy application management, we create a dashboard that allows the administrator to edit content and manage settings.

Testing and launch

We check the app for bugs. Only after we have fixed them do we publish the product on the App Store and Play Market. We comply with Apple and Google requirements, so our applications are moderated quickly. We provide post-launch technical support and project promotion services if required by our clients.


How much does it cost to develop an educational application?

The cost of development depends on many factors:

Target Target

The goals, specifics, scope and purpose of the application will affect the complexity of the development and the cost of the project.

Functional Functional

The price depends on the complexity and features available to the user.

Design Design

Complex elements, unique design techniques, animation and 3D graphics increase the price.

Timing Timing

We need more resources to develop urgent projects, so timing also affects the price.

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    Technical assignment:

    How to order the development of a mobile application for education

    Get in touch with the KitApp Studio and benefit from many advantages:
    Individual solutions

    Education has many directions with different target groups and specific tasks. Template solutions do not work in most cases. Each project requires a unique solution. This is the principle we follow when creating educational applications.

    Turnkey development

    There is no need to contact different teams to develop, launch and promote the application. We can take care of all these functions for you. All you need to do is discuss the concept of the project with us, formulate your requirements and agree the terms of reference. After that, we do the rest. We will keep you informed of the progress of the project.

    Reasonable price

    Our team has extensive experience in mobile development, using modern technologies and implementing effective solutions. We know how to create complex applications with minimal effort. That is why we offer a positive price. We agree a price with the client and fix it in the contract.


    We estimate the project's duration and include it in the contract. During many years of productive activity we have learned to work quickly and smoothly, to organise processes competently and to coordinate the work of different departments.

    Support and promotion

    Application support helps you check the status of your application, fix bugs in a timely manner and release updates regularly. We also offer application promotion services to help increase your audience and downloads.

    We are happy to implement your project and develop a fast, modern educational application for you. Contact us or send an enquiry via the website. For a quote, please fill in a brief and describe your requirements.

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    The KitApp team has been working in mobile development since 2014. We have implemented over 50 successful projects for companies. Our showcases include mobile applications for online shops, taxis, freight transport, sports, medicine, education, etc.
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    Description: Mobile application for scanning vehicle VIN codes.
    Terms: 2 months
    Development: Android, iOS
    Description: Mobile application for tracking the release of new films.
    Terms: 1.5 months
    Development: Android, iOS
    Description: Mobile application for pet owners.
    Terms: 1.5 months
    Development: Android, iOS
    Description: Mobile application for university.
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