ApexPaint APP

Mobile application for scanning vehicle VIN codes.
Development for iOS and Android.
Terms of project: 2 months


ApexPaint is a mobile application for scanning vehicle VINs. The tool is designed for the employees of dealerships. The VIN code serves as a unique identifier, by which you can find out the entire history of the car – this information is beneficial for any operations at the car market. Timely check of the VIN allows to prevent problematic situations, for example, selling stolen cars, selling cars with changed mileage, with hidden damage after an accident.

ApexPaint приложение
The employees of car dealerships are challenged to check VIN codes every day, and the ApexPaint application makes their work easier and faster. In a couple of seconds, the system checks the VIN for authenticity and provides all the information about the car. This data is stored in the official database and accumulated throughout the car’s life – from assembly to disposal. To use the functionality, you need to log in to the system with your username and password, and then select a dealership. The application is suitable for scanning the VIN codes of any vehicle – cars, trucks, motorcycles, or buses.

The main features of ApexPaint:

VIN code scanner and adding additional equipment for vehicle. Verification is done in two ways: you can scan the code or enter 17 characters manually. When entering so many numbers and letters manually, it is not difficult to make a mistake, so a quick automatic scan is preferred.

VIN code detection. The application generates a report, which contains the basic information about the car:

  • year of manufacture;
  • manufacturer;
  • country of manufacture;
  • make, mode;
  • equipment;
  • body type;
  • transmission and engine data;
  • service history;
  • other characteristics.

The application provides the ability to customize the report. The user can customize fields, share information about the vehicle, save data, add photos, and display information about additional equipment.

Statistics of scans. All scanned codes are saved in a separate tab with the date and exact time. The statistics can be viewed for a definite period of time – day, week, or month.

Print stickers. The scan report goes to the special dealer’s database and contains a list of additional equipment that the car needs. with the indication of additional equipment which should be installed on the car. Using the ApexPaint application, the manager prints a sticker and glues it to the car so that the technical center can install the missing options (alarm system, immobilizer, window tinting, etc.).

ApexPaint приложение

Process and result of mobile application development

Creating the interface

ApexPaint is purely an application that solves a specific work task. This explains our choice of interface style – we made it minimalistic and restrained. But for all the laconism, the UI/UX principles have been thoroughly researched in the design solutions to make the interface intuitive and visually appealing to the user.

Functional development

We strictly followed the intended purpose of the application and implemented the most essential set of options for car service center employees. We created the ability to change individual settings and tried to cover all the needs of users who need to verificate VIN codes in their daily activities.

ApexPaint приложение

The result of the work

We developed ApexPaint on the basis of modern software solutions, so the application has excellent performance:

  • uptime and lack of crashes;
  • optimized functionality;
  • user-friendly interface;
  • high speed;
  • correct scanning;
  • accurate detection of VIN codes;
  • proper report generation.

In the future, the customer plans to expand the functionality and options of the mobile app to meet user requests.



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