Most Popular Artificial Intelligence Services

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Artificial intelligence today can do many things – write text, generate photos, process video, work with sound, and even create virtual bloggers who speak all the world’s languages. People use neural networks for learning, work, business, entertainment, and creativity. Some AI services have managed to enter everyday life and have become indispensable assistants in solving various cases. How to choose the best tool for your tasks? We have prepared an overview of the most popular AI services in 2024.

HeyGen – Video dubbing in different languages

The popular HeyGen neural network offers capabilities that seemed fantastic just a few years ago. The service realistically re-translates videos with automatic translation into other languages while preserving the speaker’s voice and facial expressions. The tool is used for various tasks – from creating memes to realizing serious projects in education, SMM, business and influencer marketing. You can use not only a video of a real person, but also a ready-made virtual avatar. HeyGen offers a free version, several paid subscription plans ranging from $24 to $120 per month, and a personalized plan at HeyGen’s individual price.

Synthesia AI – Create Virtual Avatars is a powerful artificial intelligence service that generates high-quality video based on text queries. The program allows you to create virtual speakers with 120 languages, realistic gestures and facial expressions. The audio is automatically voiced by different male and female voices, it is possible to add backgrounds and scenery, edit created videos. Synthesia AI functionality allows you to create convincing and expressive videos for marketing, entertainment, business tasks. The free version comes with a minimum number of avatars and video templates. If you want to enjoy the full functionality, there is a paid Synthesia plan priced at $29 or $89.

Chat GPT is a classic of artificial intelligence

It was with this chatbot in 2022 that the era of spreading artificial intelligence to a wide audience began. Since then, Chat GPT has received many competitors, but has remained the most famous artificial intelligence service. The virtual assistant of Open AI works on the principle of online chat: a neural network analyzes the user’s questions, gives answers and can maintain a dialogue. It understands requests for a certain format and size of texts, perfectly masters the creation of content plans, can generate texts for specific tasks. The more detailed the task, the better ChatGPT understands the user. A paid plan with access to the latest version of GPT-4 and the DALL-E image generator costs $20.

Mindjourney – Create stunning AI images

The Mindjourney service is used to generate AI images based on a user’s text query. The platform is in high demand for good reason, as it is almost unrivaled in the variety and detail of the visualizations it creates. If you learn to “communicate” well with Mind Journey, you can get impressive images – both hyper-realistic and fantastical. The service supports different languages, can understand given meanings, and generates photos in different styles. You can start generating photos in Mindjourney only after registration. Access is now paid – there are four subscription levels ranging from $10 to $120 per month.

Otter AI – AI Assistant for Online Conferencing

Otter AI is a popular service for transcribing voice content from online meetings, interviews, conferences, and phone calls. The neural network converts spoken language to text in real time, analyzes audio/video files as they are recorded, and generates structured transcripts as text chats. Otter AI supports integration with Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet – automatically connecting to videoconferences, identifying speakers, summarizing keywords, highlighting key topics, generating reports, and saving created notes to a shared folder. The free version offers 300 minutes of transcription per month. Paid plans with advanced enterprise features cost $8.33 for Otter Pro for small teams and $20 for Otter Business for enterprises.

Gemini (Bard) is an artificial intelligence chatbot from Google

In 2024, Google renamed the Bard chatbot Gemini and introduced a paid subscription for the Gemini Advanced version. The free service solves basic tasks – analyzes text queries, provides detailed structured answers. These features can be widely used in training, planning, work tasks. If you need more, you can upgrade to Gemini Advanced – a powerful AI model that analyzes queries much faster and more efficiently, understands the logic of questions better, can reason, analyze and create. As of today, the cost of a monthly Gemini subscription is 909.99 UAH. The first two months are free of charge.

Leonardo AI – Visual Art with AI

Leonardo AI is a large-scale AI platform for creating visuals for a wide range of tasks, from everyday entertainment to game design, creativity, marketing, advertising, and printing. The service provides powerful functionality for generating images and 3D textures with easy editing. The source for creating a visual can be either a text query or an existing photo, and the artificial intelligence can correct it, improve the quality, increase the resolution, or create something new based on it. Particularly popular is the Realtime Canvas feature – real-time visualization where the user draws with a brush and Leonardo creates a finished image in the chosen style based on the sketch. Both a free version and several paid plans are available for up to $60.

Jasper AI – AI Content Generation for Business Promotion

Jasper AI is an AI service for creating unique text and graphic content to promote a business while respecting the company’s branded “tone of voice”. The service offers several useful options and tools – SEO optimization of texts, generation of high-quality images based on text queries, possibility of integration via API, installation of Jasper extension for Chrome browser, translation of texts into more than 30 languages. The tool has a large library of templates and works on the familiar principle of a chatbot – it interacts with the user, answers questions, responds to comments. Jasper Creator subscription plans are priced at $39 and Jasper Pro at $59.

Character AI – neural network for friendly communication

Character AI stands out from the competition with a unique concept – a neural network is used for realistic communication with different virtual characters. Users create bots themselves. It’s easy – just set its character traits, interests and other characteristics. In the course of communication, the character analyzes the context and style of the conversation, on the basis of which it continues its self-learning. The longer the correspondence lasts, the more lively and natural the dialogue becomes. Among the characters you can find many world celebrities, heroes of books and films, as well as virtual specialists of various profiles – psychologists, coaches, teachers and others. The neural network is able to show emotions, make jokes, hold conversations on various topics, show interest in the interlocutor, adapt to his way of communication. Basic tools for entertaining communication are available for free. A monthly subscription to Character AI with advanced features costs $9.99.

Fireflies AI – meeting content recognition and analysis is an artificial intelligence-based platform for recognizing the content of speeches, conversations, dialogues, phone calls, rallies, and any other voice content. The service is useful during business meetings, interviews, meetings, when you need to record everything that each participant said. The program converts voice into text, structures the material and stores it in the cloud with shared access. After the event, the neural network formulates brief conclusions, summarizes statistics on various indicators and keeps a topic tracker. You can find the information you need in the created transcript with the usual search. Fireflies integrates with the calendar and popular online conferencing applications (Zoom, Meet, etc.). The basic version is free, paid Fireflies AI subscriptions range from $10 to $39 per participant per month.

Lovo AI – Realistic Voice AI Generator is an AI generator of realistic voices that converts text to speech and helps you voice-over videos for business, advertising, creative and entertainment. The library includes more than 100 languages, over 500 voices, and about 25 different emotions to give the voice a natural feel. The tool is great for voicing audiobooks, podcasts, commercials and online tutorials. The user has the option to clone voices and a wide range of settings – pitch, pauses, tone, pronunciation, accents – so you can easily adjust the audio sequence to your tasks. For beginners, there is a free version of with a 14-day trial of the pro plan. The cost of a paid Lovo subscription ranges from $24 to $149.

QuillBot AI – useful tools for text generation

QuillBot is a handy service with artificial intelligence that helps solve practical tasks in working with texts, such as creating content, paraphrasing, merging multiple fragments, translation, grammar and uniqueness checking. The generator creates texts in different styles, can adapt the format and presentation to different tasks, and supports multiple languages. Due to its wide range of practical functions, the neural network is in demand among students, pupils, teachers, marketers. There are free and paid QuillBot plans ranging from $4.17 to $9.95.

ElevenLabs AI – Voice Neural Network for High Quality Voiceovers

ElevenLabs is a popular neural network for speech generation with thousands of different voices. The state-of-the-art artificial intelligence model produces expressive, natural sound and high-quality audio output. The service converts text to voice and provides the ability to correct the speaker’s tone and emotions. Library of voices is structured by age, gender, accent. If you are not satisfied with the system voices, you can synthesize your own version – for example, clone your own voice. Thanks to the high quality of the voices, ElevenLabs can also be used to create audio books. You can try the program free of charge. The subscription price for ranges from $5 to $330 per month.

Decktopus AI – Artificial intelligence for presentation creation

Decktopus AI opens new possibilities in creating presentations by using artificial intelligence. In addition to the basic functions of developing slides, adding and editing content, the program offers special AI tools – selecting images according to the theme and style of the presentation, formulating texts and comments, supplementing the content of slides with facts, statistics and other useful information. The platform is used for tasks of varying complexity – from simple student assignments to complex business presentations. Beginners can use the free plan, while professionals can choose from two premium plans, Decktopus, which cost $9.99 and $34.99.

Soundraw AI – a neural network for music creation

Another powerful application of artificial intelligence is the creation of musical works. A popular service in this niche is the neural network Soundraw AI. The program gives the user a wide range of options – to choose the style, instruments, genre, tempo and mood of songs. It is used to create music of various complexity – from audio tracks for advertising, promos and games to full-fledged musical works that can be officially distributed on Spotify, Apple Music and other platforms. The price of Soundraw AI tariffs with different service packages – from $16 to $49. The service provides API for integration with other music creation platforms.

Adobe Premiere Pro – professional video editing tool

The Adobe Premiere Pro platform offers a complete set of artificial intelligence tools for professional video editing. It is used to create video content of varying complexity, from commercials to full-length movies. A neural network adjusts sound and color, creates subtitles and transcriptions, simplifies the editing process, converts speech to text, improves the sound of characters’ voices, adds visual effects, synchronizes video and audio sequences, adjusts proportions, and much more. Adobe offers several Premiere Pro pricing plans with different pricing levels in three categories – for individual users, for students and educators, and for workgroups.

The above selection is only a small fraction of the popular AI platforms. Artificial intelligence has only been available to the general public for a few years, and there are already dozens, if not hundreds, of different AI services. So now is the best time to start learning, creating, exploring, and making the most of AI.