Artificial intelligence photo generation in 2024

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AI image generators based on artificial intelligence are constantly improving – new technologies are emerging, many specialized services are being developed, graphics are becoming more creative and more accurately meet user requirements. AI creates all kinds of images – realistic portraits and landscapes, abstractions, illustrations, fantasy and artistic art for various applications. Users experiment with styles, shapes, palettes, and meanings. They create images for entertainment as well as for practical tasks in work, business, learning, and creativity. What images can be generated by artificial intelligence:

  • Illustrations for books, magazines;
  • Visual content for websites and mobile applications;
  • Computer game characters and animations;
  • Advertising creative, logos, branding elements;
  • Visual imagery for marketing campaigns;
  • Photorealistic images of people, animals, landscapes, architecture;
  • Creative design ideas for interiors, clothing, products, packaging;
  • Fantasy art, abstracts.

To create original images, you don’t need to be a designer or an illustrator, you don’t need to be familiar with graphic editors or artistic skills. It is enough to set a precise set of input data and formulate a clear request that is understandable for the artificial intelligence – and the program will do all the work on its own. But to get high-quality images with the desired characteristics, you should understand the features of different AI photo generation tools and choose the right program for your needs. Let’s take a look at the most popular photo-generating services that will be in demand among professionals and amateurs in 2024.

DALL-E 3 image generator by OpenAI

DALL-E 3 is a product of OpenAI, the developer of the popular ChatGPT service. To get access to it, you need to buy a subscription to the extended version of ChatGPT Plus at the price of $20. The main principle of the program is to convert text descriptions into images. The functionality is quite simple and clear: enter a request with a detailed description – what the picture should be, what it is created for, what tasks it will solve. The more nuances are described, the better the artificial intelligence will understand you. A convenient option of DALL-E 3 is the possibility to edit the created masterpieces. The service offers hints so that the user can edit more details and improve the result. It is convenient to use two OpenAI tools in tandem – in ChatGPT to generate ideas and in DALL-E 3 to create photos.

Midjourney hyper-realistic photo generator

Midjourney service is known for its accuracy, variety of images and ability to create hyper-realistic images at the user’s request. The tool perfectly details images, offers bright and original visualizations and delves deeply into ideas and meanings. The program covers many different styles – from classic to modern art, so any user can get the desired result for any task. Images are created quickly enough to handle large amounts of data.

Compared to many other AI generators, Midjourney’s interface is aimed at a more experienced professional user. In order to create impressive artwork, it’s worth understanding the program, its flyhacks and secrets, and finding a “common language” with Midjourney. Access to the full version of the program is currently paid. To expand your knowledge and skills in creating cool photos, you can ask for support from the active Midjourney community.

GetIMG AI – Artificial Intelligence Art Generator

GetIMG is an artificial intelligence service for creating new photos and editing existing ones. The program analyzes the text query, prompts and settings, and uses this information to create unique images – both photorealistic and abstract. The created artwork can be refined by adding new details to bring the result to perfection. The user selects the desired visualization style. The interface is simple and easy to understand for beginners, convenient functionality allows you to create visual content exactly according to the user’s request.

Multilingualism makes the application available to a wide range of users around the world. At the basic level you can use GetIMG service for free and create up to 100 images per month – an optimal choice for beginners. The maximum GetIMG Pro plan with an annual subscription allows generating 60 thousand images per month, which makes the service profitable and effective for professional tasks. Designers, artists, illustrators can teach the service to work in their author’s style – this is one of the unique features of GetIMG.

Ideogram’s AI Image Generator

Ideogram is a service built on the principle of a social network where you can create and publish AI images. The program allows you to choose the image format, define the style and other parameters. One request generates four variants of high-quality images with different concepts. The more precise the request, the more detailed and meaningful the image will be. The advantages of the service are a wide range of functions, a simple interface, an active community and the opportunity to share your creations with other users.

The free version of Ideogram is sufficient for the first use. The free version allows you to create 25 requests (100 images) per day and limits the generation speed. You can get more features in the paid version Ideogram Basic, which allows you to generate 1600 photos per month at high speed. In the maximum tariff Ideogram Plus, priced at $16, you can create up to 4000 photos per month and publish them privately on your profile.

Create realistic images with Leonardo AI

Leonardo AI is a service for accurate generation of photorealistic images, artwork, abstract images according to specified parameters. In addition to the text description, the request can include additional reference images for better understanding of the user’s needs by the artificial intelligence. In the interface of the program you can find many useful settings that will help you to achieve the desired result and get a high quality image. The peculiarity of the service is the availability of video mode and work with animated images based on artificial intelligence. The user can animate the created characters in short 4-second clips. The basic version of Leonardo AI is available free of charge.

Deep Dream Generator – Artificial intelligence photo generator

Deep Dream Generator is a popular image generator with artificial intelligence. The program creates new creatives in two ways – by text description or on the basis of original photos and illustrations. The service understands text queries well, but in quality and detail it loses to the DALL-E 3 tool. The mode of processing original photos is more successful: the user can define the category and style of processing, set the depth of changes, select a reference for processing in the desired style. The program is paid, but you can try Deep Dream Generator in trial mode for free.

Free image generation in NightCafe

NightCafe service has a wide functionality, clear and accessible for beginners. The program generates images based on text requests with the possibility to choose style and other settings. A convenient option is to create several variants of images to choose the most successful art. The basic algorithm of image generation Stable Diffusion is free – this is the best option for a start. Access to more complex functions is paid. The system gives hints that allow the user to improve or transform the created image. NightCafe has an extensive community where users share their work, exchange ratings and feedback, and hold contests. All rights to use the created images are owned by the users.

Hotpot – AI photo generation without registration

Hotpot is the easiest and most affordable service for creating images with artificial intelligence. You can create artwork without registration – just go to the site, enter keywords in English, choose the settings and get the result. The program is conditionally free, you can create 50 images in different styles per day. The premium version allows you to create an unlimited number of images in the best quality, while the creation time is reduced to a few seconds and the interface is free of advertisements. There are options to edit the finished images – remove the background, improve the face, choose a different size, etc. Hotpot is perfect for quick creativity, when you need to generate an image according to several parameters, but without complicated specific settings.

AI Image Generator in ArtSmart

The ArtSmart service works similarly to other platforms: the user enters text prompts, selects settings, and receives AI-generated images according to his or her request. The program creates high-resolution artwork up to 8K, allows you to edit existing photos, improve their quality, delete or add objects. There is an option to create hyper-realistic images that are hard to distinguish from real photos. ArtSmart AI has a clear interface, but to create truly impressive images exactly as you want them, you need to learn how to work with a wide range of settings. There is no free access, but there are several pricing plans with different prices for basic, standard and business tasks.

Adobe Firefly is a free AI generator

Adobe Firefly is an AI-based image generator that learns from billions of stock images. The service is in beta testing, but has already gained traction with professional users for commercial applications. Adobe Firefly integrates with a wide range of Adobe applications, including Photoshop and Illustrator. Bringing artificial intelligence to the world of graphics and design offers professionals limitless possibilities for creative experimentation and idea generation.

The program works on the basis of entered text queries and selected settings – so you can create new visuals and adjust existing graphics, add and delete objects, edit elements. Basic functions are available in the free plan. Advanced features, a larger volume of generation and the absence of watermarks on the created content – all these advantages are available in the paid tariff Adobe Firefly at a price of $ 5.99.

As you can see, the choice of services for creating images with artificial intelligence is very large. It is almost impossible to pick out the best programs, as they have their own advantages and nuances for different applications – entertainment, education, work, business. Try different services, read reviews, use free trial periods if possible and make a selection of your ideal AI generators. We will be glad if our article helps you decide which one to choose. And if you want to get high quality images from professionals – order our design services.