How to use ChatGPT

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ChatGPT is a product of OpenAI, an American company engaged in artificial intelligence research. The chatbot became available in Ukraine in 2023 – and immediately made a sensational impression on users. Gradually, the service entered everyday life as an indispensable assistant on various issues. People quickly got used to the functionality of ChatGPT and found many applications in work and education. Today ChatGPT is used by specialists of various fields, students and creative people. The tool helps to create content, perform tasks, process information and generate new ideas.

Examples of popular tasks and questions that users contact ChatGPT with:

Content creation– Write a post for a social networking site
– Write an email newsletter
– Develop content for a presentation
– Writing a resume
– Create a plot, script
– Developing an instruction, methodology
– Writing a script
– make an evaluation
– Create a checklist
Idea generation– Create an idea for a start-up, development, new products, etc.
– generate variations of names, slogans, domain names
– Create a content plan
– Create an article outline
Gather and analyse information– Gather facts
– explain a particular topic
– compare objects, processes, phenomena, policies
– test the user’s knowledge
– obtain advice
– ask for advice or recommendations
Content processing– highlight the main idea of the text
– get a critique of the work

First steps – how to get started with ChatGPT

  1. Sign up for ChatGPT through the OpenAI website or any other platform that uses this technology. Today you can find many services that have integrated ChatGPT into their products – mobile applications, chatbots, assistants, websites, browser extensions.
  2. Enter a request – it can be a question, a request for clarification or advice, a request for information or simply an invitation to communicate. The more detailed your request, the more accurate the answer you get.
  3. Experiment with wording in your communications with ChatGPT, learn more about its features. Look for your individual approaches to the neural network, try to find a “common language” with the chatbot – it is quite possible, because the system has an artificial but quite powerful intelligence.

How to use Chat GPT effectively?

GPT Chat technology is fundamentally different from search engines, which produce a selection of relevant sites at the user’s request. ChatGPT’s intelligent chatbot works on a completely different principle – it understands the context of a user’s query, analyses it and generates a unique, detailed answer. The content and depth of the answer depends on how the question is phrased. To get the best results from ChatGPT, you need to learn how to interact with the neural network.

  • Formulate questions clearly, avoiding ambiguous terms and unclear context. Neural networks cannot read minds and do not understand clues.
  • Don’t limit yourself to short keywords like common search queries. Include detail in the questions, but without unnecessary “water” that can confuse the neural network. The questions should be clear and concise.
  • Specify the technical requirements for the text – length, number of items in the list, presence of keywords, structure requirements, etc.
  • Specify the purpose of the text and where it will be used – for example, a social media post, content for a presentation, a list of ideas, a publication plan, a content plan, an email newsletter, etc. ChatGPT will choose the style, format and length of the text according to its purpose.
  • Ask the chatbot to write a text from a specific person – describe his/her profession, duties, tasks, goals. Specify the characteristics of the audience for which the text is intended. This will help the AI better understand your expectations in terms of style and content.
  • For large tasks, use a step-by-step approach – for example, ask for a detailed outline of the text first, and then work on creating each section.
  • If you’re not satisfied with the answer, try rephrasing. Ask the questions several times, using different phrases and choosing the most relevant answer. Be patient and help the AI understand your needs.
  • To improve the result, write direct comments to the chatbot about style, format, text size. Ask it to expand or shorten your answer, to clarify certain points.

Paid versions of ChatGPT

The basic version of ChatGPT is available for free. More features are available in the paid versions ChatGPT Plus for individuals and ChatGPT Team for organisations.

Advantages of ChatGPT Plus:

  • More stable operation, minimising delays in formulating responses;
  • Improved artificial intelligence capabilities;
  • Access to new premium features;
  • A higher level of personalisation based on individual needs;
  • Uninterrupted access even during peak hours;
  • Early access to updates compared to the basic version.

Features and benefits of ChatGPT Team:

  • Possibility of team use for the realisation of joint projects;
  • Availability of a console for company management;
  • A higher level of security in the implementation of artificial intelligence in the company’s work;
  • The possibility of effective control within a dedicated workspace;
  • Increased productivity;
  • Access to special features for small and medium-sized businesses;
  • The ability to create your own chatbots based on ChatGPT.

What are the disadvantages of ChatGPT?

Perhaps one day artificial intelligence will be able to replace humans, but for now the technology is far from perfect. There are moments when ChatGPT frankly falls short of the ideal. Of course, this is no reason to give up on innovation, but it is important to understand a chatbot’s weaknesses and be able to respond to them.

  • ChatGPT may give false facts because the chatbot’s knowledge of world events is limited to certain periods and depends on the version of the programme. Therefore, if you ask the GPT chatbot specific facts with dates, figures, characteristics, technical data – check the information in reliable sources.
  • Artificial intelligence can make mistakes if the answer to the question is not clear, based on the results of different studies or subjective opinions of people. Be critical of the information you receive or avoid ambiguous topics.
  • You should not treat communication with ChatGPT as a conversation with a real person, because the neural network is based on dry facts, has no personal beliefs, cannot reflect on events and cannot express its attitude.
  • GPT chat responses may contain grammatical and stylistic errors, tautologies, illogical constructions, duplication of paraphrased fragments with similar content. Therefore, it is not a good idea to use ready-made chatbot answers in work and training.

The quality of texts created with ChatGPT is evaluated by users in different ways. In most cases, texts created with ChatGPT can only be a basis or a draft for the creation of high-quality content. But what this neural network can certainly do is inspire, give ideas, structure thoughts, help in learning material, thinking processes, researching information. Use ChatGPT in a balanced and intelligent way, use critical thinking and fact checking – and artificial intelligence will become your faithful assistant in many things in life.