Tracking car movements in an app - what chips are companies using?

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Vehicle tracking is used in various industries: passenger and freight transportation, logistics, courier services, car rental, taxi and fleet. Careful monitoring of vehicle movement parameters creates the conditions for efficient business operations. What is the purpose of such monitoring?

  • Provide fully automated fleet control;
  • Improve the quality of workflow management for transportation companies;
  • Create safe conditions for the movement of goods and people;
  • Create optimal routes with the best conditions and minimum mileage;
  • Remotely respond to force majeure;
  • Create reports, analyze statistical data;
  • Optimize fuel costs;
  • Organize complex logistics processes;
  • Supervise the work of the drivers;
  • Monitor driver compliance with traffic laws and company policies;
  • Provide customers with up-to-the-minute data on the location of cargo and passengers.

All these tasks can be realized in a mobile application for Android and iOS with a convenient user interface. The application integrates with the company’s internal software and third-party services, significantly expanding the monitoring capabilities for various parameters.

What is included in the Machine Tracking feature?

GPS monitoring

The technology allows you to track the movement of the car in real time. A GPS tracker is installed on the vehicle, which fixes the coordinates via satellite and transmits them to the server. The tracking range is not limited, as the tracker works via SIM card within the GSM coverage area of the mobile operator and while roaming abroad. If the car temporarily enters an area with poor network coverage, the tracker records the trajectory in the built-in memory and uploads the data to the system after the connection is established – this mechanism allows you to track the movement of the car on all parts of the route without exception.

The information sent to the server is displayed in the mobile application’s easy-to-use interface. You can track on the smartphone screen:

  • The exact location of the machine with minimal deviation;
  • View your vehicle’s trajectory on an interactive map;
  • Speed indicators;
  • Number and duration of stops;
  • The total duration of the trip;
  • Deviation from the specified route;
  • Vehicle mileage for the entire route and for individual sections;
  • Time until arrival at destination;
  • Travel history of current and past routes.

Safe transportation

Various emergency situations can occur during a vehicle’s journey. Several special features are available to protect the driver and passengers:

  • Panic Button. A panic button is used in emergency situations such as traffic accidents, robbery, driver’s illness. A help signal with the coordinates of the car’s location is sent to the emergency services. The dispatcher also receives a notification in the mobile application and takes action as instructed.
  • Video Surveillance. Video cameras are installed in the cab, driver’s cabin, cargo area, and door areas. A video recorder is used to record the situation on the road. The functionality can be supplemented with microphones. Video camera data is transmitted to the server and played back in the mobile application – this allows you to monitor everything that happens during the trip and, if necessary, to use the saved recordings.
  • Remote engine immobilizer. In exceptional cases it is necessary to stop the car remotely – for example, if the car is about to be stolen or the driver feels unwell at the wheel. The system allows you to stop the engine remotely: when you press a button in the GPS tracker app, the GPS tracker will start measuring the speed of the vehicle. If the speed falls below a certain limit (e.g. 5 km/h), the power circuit is interrupted and the vehicle stops. The engine can be restarted only after unlocking the lock in the mobile app.
  • Driving style monitoring. The system detects atypical behavior – sudden braking, deviation from the route, frequent speeding, inappropriate stops. The reasons can be various – unprofessionalism of the driver, poor health, force majeure on the road, malfunction of vehicle systems and others.

Fuel Level Monitoring

The machine motion monitoring system has a function to measure the fuel level – for this purpose, a special high-precision sensor is installed in the tank. The monitoring data is transmitted to the server in real time and displayed on the mobile application interface. What the user sees:

  • Current level;
  • Consumption and refueling statistics;
  • Facts about fuel dumping.

Temperature Control

Some cargoes require special temperature conditions for transportation. The system allows you to constantly monitor the temperature and immediately notify the dispatcher and driver of any deviations. This allows you to respond quickly to the problem and prevent cargo damage and associated losses.

Reports, Statistics, Data Export

The mobile application offers a wide range of possibilities for collecting and analyzing statistical data. The system allows you to create reports on selected parameters, export them to files in a convenient format and print them. Reports can be created for one or more vehicles, drivers, routes. It is possible to collect statistics on various parameters:

  • Route – a track on the map showing checkpoints, stops, and other events;
  • Speed – graph of speed changes, calculation of average and maximum speed on different sections of the route, violation of speed limits;
  • Type of stay in certain geozones – duration, time, events;
  • Routes – total length, mileage, duration of routes, start and end points with distribution by drivers or vehicles for the reporting period;
  • Fueling and fuel consumption – frequency and places of fueling, amount of fuel consumed, comparison with normative values;
  • Downtime – start and end times, duration, and geolocation of downtime.

Plan optimal routes

By specifying start and end points, the user receives an optimal route calculated using several important parameters. The route is calculated taking into account not only its duration, but also other factors – traffic jams, terrain, road quality, traffic congestion, availability of gas stations, speed limits, etc. If the car deviates from the set route, the system notifies the driver and the dispatcher, if necessary, reroutes the route and gives recommendations on how to optimize the trip.

Order a mobile application to track vehicle movements

Implementation of the latest “tricks” for vehicle tracking brings obvious advantages – it increases the efficiency of work processes and the quality of services, optimizes labor costs and vehicle depreciation. Realization of such functionality in the form of a mobile application provides additional advantages:

  • Customers, dispatchers, drivers, and managers get easy-to-use interfaces customized for specific tasks.
  • The data collected and stored in the application can be used to resolve disputes, respond to customer complaints, determine the cause of traffic accidents and other problems.
  • All parties in the process can easily and quickly interact with each other, allowing for quick resolution of any issues.
  • The company builds trust with customers who receive better service.

If you are interested in developing an application for vehicle tracking – submit a request, we will offer the optimal functionality for your needs and calculate the cost of implementation.

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