World Travel Group (WTG) is a mobile application for smart travel savings. A convenient and useful tool that allows you to search for promotions and discounts around the world, find great deals and get the best services at bargain prices. Offers cover a wide range of destinations of interest to travellers - hotels, cafes, restaurants, ski resorts, yachts, shops, museums, galleries and more.

What is the value of the WTG app to the audience?

The main features and benefits of the application compared to similar products:

  • The user receives a discount immediately after scanning the QR code. There is no need to accumulate cashback or collect bonus points, the app provides an instant benefit. Fast results are a key benefit that travellers appreciate.
  • WTG network partners are located all over the world, so travellers can find promotional offers almost anywhere in the world.
  • The user controls spending and keeps track of the amount of money saved by the app. A visual display of the money saved shows the real benefit and provides an incentive to use the product regularly.
  • The interactive map functionality allows users to quickly and easily find a suitable accommodation or facility near their current location.
  • The application has a simple and intuitive interface, with pages loading quickly, which is particularly important when travelling in countries with unreliable internet.

How does the app work?

Registration and login. At the first login, the user is registered in the system, entered data is stored in a personal cabinet with the possibility of further editing.

Catalogue. Search and filter by category – hotels, restaurants, shops and more. Here you can select the area of interest and see the special offers available in the selected area.

Map. The interactive map shows points of interest in the traveller’s vicinity. This tool comes in handy when you need to make a quick decision, find a bargain and save money at the same time.

Properties. When navigating to a property, the user will see a photo gallery, location, percentage discount and a detailed description of services and benefits. They can contact the property for more information. To receive a discount, simply scan the QR code.

Personal profile. The profile shows basic information about the user, settings and a statistics section. The application stores statistical data – what places and cities the user has visited, how much they have spent and how much they have saved.

Creating the WTG Application

The WTG application was developed by our KitApp studio. We implemented the project on a turnkey basis:

  • We analysed the target audience – what travellers need, what tool would be useful to them and how it should stand out from the competition;
  • We thought through the structure, created a user-friendly, intuitive interface and prototyped it;
  • Developed an original, attractive design with UI/UX principles in mind;
  • Programming, ensuring stable operation and fast loading on iOS and Android;
  • tested the product for bugs and prepared it for publication and moderation;
  • Published to the App Store and Google Play.

Our task was to create a product that would become a “must-have” for travellers, helping them on their journeys and saving them money on various services. Such results were achieved thanks to the quality concept of the application, deep understanding of the audience’s needs and professional technical implementation of the project.



Our studio has qualified and experienced developers: project managers, designers, front-end specialists, back-end developers, testers. Together we create functional mobile applications for iOS and Android.


Development costs depend on the complexity of the project.
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