Mobile application for the online store of electric lighting products.
Development for iOS and Android.
Terms: 1.5 months


Vestum mobile app is one of our favorite projects. In this case, we make sure that one task can have several solutions. However, everything is in order.

The first acquaintance

Kit Global has received a request from an electric lighting company to create a mobile application that can provide users of mobile devices with Android and iOS operating systems with a user-friendly interface to interact with the company’s products catalog.

Portrait of a client

Vestum engaged in the complex supply of lighting products for twelve years. Works in B2B sectors, having partnerships in many regions. During its existence, the name Vestum has become a recognizable brand.

As a result of analyzing the company’s activities, we noted a reasonable approach to building internal business processes and an attentive attitude to the organization of interaction with customers. Vestum specialists are always ready to provide professional advice and provide quality products to customers.

разработка приложения Vestum

Goals and objectives

In the process of dialogue with the client, we found the main issues and goals that needed to be solved for the customer in the application.

Objective 1. Attract wholesale customers and increase sales. The application should be easy to use and have an intuitive interface. The user of the application must be able to register or log in to the system, search in the product catalog, make and pay for orders, specifying their location. Authorized users get access to wholesale prices.

Goal 2. Image. Developing mobile applications takes the company to a new, higher level of the process. Contributes to the creation of the image of the market leader, and emphasizes the customer-oriented approach of the organization.

Goal 3. Quality of service. This application helps always be in touch. To improve the service, a chat with a company specialist should be provided. The user should be able to leave feedback about the product, evaluate the work of the manager, and set up to receive messages.

The global mission of the program is to serve customers and employees of the company to quickly and efficiently perform tasks related to Vestum.


We understood that the scale of the project required significant resources, so we included the number of senior and middle-level specialists allocated. The following people worked on the project:

  • Business analyst
  • Chief designer
  • UX specialist
  • UI specialist
  • CTO (Technical Director)
  • Front-end developers – 2 specialists
  • QA engineer

Stages of application development

The process of working on the project can be presented in the form of successive stages:

  • Creating a technical specification with a description of the application screens and the operation of the back part. Application API architecture development.

The first stage of the project involved the development of mobile application design – UI / UX design. The system architecture was designed and all stages and options of the user path of interaction with the application. The result of the work is presented graphically and filled with content.

The team actively communicated with the customer’s representatives. Each area has its characteristics, and it was important for us to take into account all customer requirements and the interests of potential users of the product.

  • Development of the front part.

After approving the application design, the client part of the application is developed, which includes a user interface on React Native.

  1. Connect the front part to the web version back-end using the designed API.
  2. Testing.
  3. Publishing in marketplaces ( Google Play / App Store).

разработка приложения Vestum


The architecture of the application is represented by a client-server structure, the client part of which the user installs directly on the mobile device. The client application communicates with the server-side of the application using web services (API).

It was decided to use CLI React Native \ TypeScript \ HTML5 \ CSS3 \ StyledComponents technologies as tools for developing the front-end part.

This stack of technologies has reduced development time and the customer’s budget, as the development is performed on iOS and Android operating systems.

The result of development

Mobile application functionality:

  • user registration and authorization
  • user account
  • product catalog
  • product card
  • ordering
  • user cart
  • news page
  • multilingualism
  • push notifications
  • barcode scanner to add items to cart.

Achieving goals

Today, the mobile application provides effective interaction of wholesale customers with the online store and Vestum specialists, increases the productivity of managers, and is a contribution of the company to the future of its business.

According to the management of Vestum, the application has become an important image component of the company and has significantly improved the service for existing customers. At the same time, against the background of the global economic downturn, which also affected the trade-in of electrical goods, it is difficult to assess how much the development of the application has affected the dynamics of sales.

The Vestum mobile application is a valuable contribution to Kit Global’s portfolio as an example of a complex project with extensive functionality that has been successfully implemented and has become an integral part of the client’s software.



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