Kindergarten app - to give parents peace of mind and gratitude

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There is a lot of competition in pre-school education. Private kindergartens in large cities are actively fighting for leadership, trying to demonstrate their advantages, to be recognised and in demand. The target group is very demanding and is not surprised by statements about the high quality of services, convenient location and a team of professionals. But there is one tool that can set a private day care centre apart from its competitors – a convenient and useful mobile application for parents.

The challenges of developing a mobile application for a kindergarten

The convenience of parental control

The mobile app gives parents all the tools they need to monitor their child’s stay at the nursery. At any time:

  • See what the baby is doing;
  • See his menu and class schedule;
  • Track your child’s progress;
  • Get the information you need.

Parents are aware of everything that happens with their child during the day, but thanks to the capabilities of the mobile app, monitoring remains discreet and unobtrusive. This gives parents peace of mind and builds trust in the caregivers and the centre as a whole.

Easy communication

The application serves as a convenient tool for communication between parents, teachers and administration. Any problem can be solved without wasting time, and staff have all the technical means to communicate and give feedback. Of course, there are regular messengers for this purpose, but the app as a communication tool has objective advantages:

  • No need to waste time searching for a chat or contact;
  • Access to messages is stored in the account regardless of personal smartphone settings;
  • In the event of a dispute, you can access the correspondence history in the application and find out the necessary details.

Picture function

The app makes a significant contribution to shaping the image of the nursery, promoting its services and building customer loyalty. Parents perceive such a tool as

  • The company’s concern for the customer’s comfort;
  • A sign of quality premium service;
  • striving to create the most comfortable and safe conditions for parents and children.

The institution demonstrates its openness, transparency and willingness to work honestly and effectively with parents. The cost of developing the mobile application is fully justified by the benefits the nursery will receive once the application is up and running.

Secure data storage

When a mobile application is developed, the appropriate technical capacity is created to store work data – documents, customer base, media files, contacts, payment data, etc. The information is stored in complete security on remote servers with regular backups. There is no need to use additional media and worry about the risk of losing valuable data. Access to documentation is available to employees who have been granted the appropriate rights. The conditions for collecting and storing personal data in the application are fully compliant with legal requirements.


By creating a separate interface for staff, you can automate routine tasks:

  • Payment control;
  • Collection of statistics;
  • Reporting;
  • Monitoring;
  • Archiving of documents;
  • Planning;
  • maintaining a customer base;
  • many other things.

Paperwork is reduced, the need to use third party software is reduced and data is processed centrally and efficiently. If the garden already has internal software, it can be synchronised with the mobile application via an API.

Kindergarten app functionality

The functionality of an application depends on the specifics of a particular institution’s activity, the peculiarities of the work tasks, the range of services and the budget for mobile development. Let’s look at a list of the most useful and popular features for such mobile products.

Information and documentation

Parents’ Cabinet. Registration creates a personal email account with information about parents – names, addresses, phone numbers, places of work. Backup emergency contacts are added.

Child profile. The application creates a card of the child with the necessary personal information, photo, date of birth, achievements and progress in development and education, medical data (vaccinations, allergies, chronic diseases, etc.).

Document archive. The application securely stores uploaded parent and child documents, medical records, contracts, applications, statements, certificates and other documents used to organise the work of the institution.

Information section. The application contains up-to-date information about the nursery school – address, map, contact numbers, layout of the premises and adjacent territory, legal information, data about the management, teachers, group.

Knowledge base. Sadik creates a base of useful materials – articles, recommendations, tips, infographics about education, health, development of children. The section is gradually filling up and becoming a kind of encyclopaedia for parents.

Parental controls

Up-to-date menu. Parents always know what their children are eating at the nursery. The detailed menu includes information on ingredients, calories, nutritional value and weight. If the nursery offers more than one menu option, parents can make their choice directly in the application and, if necessary, submit a request to adapt the individual menu (e.g. due to health conditions or personal preferences).

Video surveillance. Video cameras are synchronised with the mobile app so that parents can access online broadcasts and see at any time what the child is doing, how the walk or class is going.

Electronic logbook. A personal account records learning progress, play and training achievements, and teachers upload photos of drawings and work – creating a creative archive of the child.

Media gallery. Personal and shared galleries are created in the application where educators can upload photos and video reports of classes, walks, events. This is a great way to capture unique moments in children’s lives.


Inform about news. The nursery sends announcements to parents about events, new features, changes to rules, prices or timetables – any useful information can be quickly delivered to each customer via the mobile app.

Personalised chats. The child’s parents have several open chats – with carers, administrators, management. The functionality of the chats is standard – you can send text messages, photos, videos, documents.

Parents chat. The application creates group chats where parents of children from one group or the whole nursery can communicate. This is a convenient tool for discussing urgent issues and solving tasks together.

Audio and video communication. The application can become an alternative to phone and video calls for quick communication between parents and teachers.

Feedback form. Complaints and suggestions can be made using a special form – messages are immediately sent to the administrator, who forwards them to the appropriate person.

Questionnaires, surveys, polls. This is a useful option if you need to collect parents’ opinions on one or another issue concerning the organisation of kindergarten work. The system automatically calculates votes, summarises poll statistics, systematises collected questionnaire data.

Push notifications. Parents and carers receive instant pop-up messages on their smartphone. They can view past notifications in a separate section.

Multilingual. The interface language is set by the user in the settings, making the application more universal and convenient for a wide audience.

Organising classes and events

Schedule. A dynamic spreadsheet of the daily routine and timetable is created. Caregivers make changes, add notes, add comments. Parents can view this information on their smartphone at any time.

Child development programmes. Parents have free access to the learning programmes, can see the calendar plan, themes and methods of child development. Teachers can easily keep this information up to date by uploading files to the appropriate section of the application.

Homework. Teachers can upload materials, tips and recommendations for homework activities with their children.

Events calendar. Parents can keep track of holiday dates, competitions, children’s matinees, and learn about the programme and themes of events. The app reminds them of upcoming events with push notifications.

Sign up for circles. If the nursery organises classes in different circles, you can sign up for a class in the app.

Useful options

Online payment. The nursery app integrates with secure online payment services so parents can pay with a few clicks on their smartphone. The app stores payment details, archives payment history and sends reminders for upcoming payments. Regular automatic payments can be set up.

Secure access. The software is securely protected from unauthorised third-party access. Convenient biometric login and multi-factor authentication can be configured for convenience and reliability. The account is linked to an email address and phone number which can be used to regain lost access.Our KitApp studio has examples of kindergarten app development in its portfolio. If you need a mobile product for this niche, leave a request on the website – we will contact you, help you think through the optimal application concept and calculate the preliminary cost of development.