How to improve your dentistry with a mobile app

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The niche of dentistry is becoming more and more technologically advanced, so the quality of services is no longer a surprise to anyone. But how do you stand out from the competition when they also have cool equipment and experienced professionals? Try offering your patients more advanced digital options. Get closer, more accessible and more convenient by offering your visitors a branded mobile app. This tool will help with administration and marketing, provide real practical benefits to doctors, increase service levels and improve communication between the clinic and patients. The benefits of such a solution will be felt in every part of the workflow, which means the whole business will benefit.

For management and administration

Workflow automation

Mobile application for dentistry – is a convenient automation tool, thanks to which you can get rid of tedious manual work, eliminate the risk of errors due to human factor, increase the accuracy of processing information, documentation, applications. What administrative processes can be automated using the application:

  • Process patient requests;
  • Synchronization of records online and by other means (phone, website, reception);
  • Receive and settle online payments;
  • Create, maintain and update the calendar;
  • Access to electronic health records;
  • Track available and busy appointment times;
  • Organize information about services, doctors, procedures;
  • Enter current prices.

Easily communicate with patients

The user can easily get feedback from the clinic through a special form in the mobile app:

  • Ask a question to the administrator – request additional information about services, specify prices, possibility to make an appointment for a convenient time. By providing quick and meaningful answers in the application, the clinic strengthens the trust of clients.
  • Talk to your dentist – talk about symptoms, ask for advice, discuss your next appointment and treatment plan. With the app, the dentist is always in touch and can respond quickly, giving patients peace of mind.

Accounting, Statistics, Analysis

To evaluate the efficiency and quality of the work of a dental clinic, certain indicators are used – the number of online appointments, the number of patients, the amount of payments, the workload of doctors and others. All these characteristics can be calculated in the application with the creation of convenient reports in the form of tables, graphs, charts. Analysis of statistical indicators for the reporting period allows you to solve important tasks:

  • Evaluate administrator performance;
  • Determine the performance of the stock;
  • Identify the most popular services and the most in-demand specialists;
  • to track dental workload;
  • Calculate the number of users – new, regular, active.

All this is valuable information for marketers, mobile app promotion specialists, executives, clinic managers.

Secure data storage

Paper binders and computer files are outdated ways of storing medical data. With a mobile app, medical records can be securely hosted on a server or in the cloud with different levels of access for staff (administrators, physicians, managers). What are the benefits?

  • Treatment histories, personal data and patient examinations are stored in complete security;
  • Protection against information leakage is guaranteed, medical records cannot fall into the hands of third parties;
  • Clearly defined specialists have access to specific documents;
  • Each staff member can be given a different level of access based on their job responsibilities and treatment plans;
  • Backup allows you to restore information in case of an emergency;
  • Protect documents from accidental or intentional deletion or damage.

Integration with Web site and other services

If the practice has a website and/or uses in-house software, these platforms can be synchronized with the mobile app. The app can also be integrated with third-party systems such as eHealth, acquisition services, cloud storage, SMS distribution tools, IP telephony, etc. Synchronization Features:

  • Online registration can be done on both the website and the app – the data is collected in a common database and displayed in a single calendar;
  • If a program for clinic management and automation exists, the mobile application is used as a client interface for patients, and the application management is synchronized with the existing software;
  • There is a possibility of synchronous updating of content on the site and in the application – correction of the catalog, prices, texts;
  • Online payments are automatically transferred to the practice’s accounting software;
  • If necessary, you can quickly transfer data from another service to the mobile application – for example, upload a database of doctors, prices of services, contact details of patients.

Synchronizing the mobile application with the website, software, and third-party services requires a customized approach. There are no one-size-fits-all solutions – settings are adjusted to the needs of the clinic, the peculiarities of administration and the specifics of internal workflows are taken into account. The main task is to ensure convenience, accuracy and synchronized data processing of all related services.

For Dentists

Treatment plan and history

All patient-related information is stored in a single location. This is particularly important in the case of long-term, complex treatment involving several physicians. The relevant specialists are involved in the plan and history – they see the detailed clinical picture and the sequence of manipulations, and create overall treatment plans that take everyone’s opinion into account. No information is lost and no important details are overlooked.

Visual performance – simple and clear for the patient, who needs to be aware of and follow every step. There is no need for the clinician to search and retrieve data, or check details with colleagues – everything they need is at their fingertips:

  • Survey results;
  • A step-by-step treatment plan;
  • A detailed description of the milestones with dates;
  • A list of doctors you plan to see;
  • automatic preliminary price calculation with the possibility of applying a discount;
  • Calculation of the final price taking into account the actual course of treatment;
  • Individual notes, recommendations, explanations from the doctor;
  • Completed and scheduled diagnostic procedures;
  • Photoprotocols, X-rays, CT, MRI, and other studies in chronological order to track trends;
  • Prescribed medications;
  • Procedures, surgical procedures.

Document Management

The availability of electronic tools does not eliminate the need to maintain paper documentation. Functionality is created in the application to simplify this task:

  • Generation of references;
  • Report generation;
  • Maintain medical records in the forms required by current standards;
  • Digital signature.

Generated documents can be printed or emailed. Templates are stored in the system and can be customized as needed.

For Patients

Service Catalog

The application menu looks like a regular online store – the catalog is divided into categories, and you can find a service in the list by searching and filtering. The service page contains a text description, a photo, a price, and an invitation to register – everything necessary for the patient to easily perform the desired action.

List of doctors

A separate section contains a list of the clinic’s specialists. Each doctor’s page contains his photo, biography, achievements and competencies. You can immediately check available hours, book an appointment online or ask a clarifying question.

Price and calculator

Prices for the full list of services are summarized in a single price table. The table can be interactive, allowing you to

  • Go from the price list to individual pages of services;
  • Add services to the calculator to see the total cost;
  • Quickly schedule an appointment, procedure, or exam.

Admission form with online payment

To make an appointment, the user selects a doctor, specifies a convenient time, and enters a phone number. Payment can be made directly in the app using the secure online payment system. Information about the appointment is recorded in the personal cabinet, and the app sends the patient a reminder of the upcoming appointment.

Personal Cabinet

All patient data is stored in the personal cabinet. The user can:

  • to view the electronic health record and find the information you need;
  • Become familiar with your treatment history;
  • Check the calendar for upcoming visits;
  • Change the interface language and theme settings;
  • Look up appointments, prescriptions, doctor’s notes;
  • Set the mode for receiving notifications;
  • Contact the administrator and doctor through a special form.

Interactive Options

To arouse the patient’s curiosity and positive emotions, you can add some special options to the app:

  • A “before and after” photo gallery showing the result of the dentist’s work;
  • Animated 3D simulator to visually demonstrate treatment procedures and visually familiarize patients with the technique of procedures;
  • Smile Builder – a tool to visualize the planned result when a future smile is superimposed on the patient’s photo;
  • Dental guides, reference books, dictionaries;
  • Notes, diaries, calendars, game elements.

For marketers

Effective presentation of services

Modern dentistry offers a large number of services that are difficult to understand for patients. In order to provide users with the most detailed information about the clinic’s services, it is necessary to provide an attractive and interesting presentation of services. This can be easily done in a mobile application:

  • to create a catalog;
  • to split the list into treatment and diagnosis;
  • Place a description of each service on a separate screen with a price and an online enrollment button.

The patient will immediately see what the dentist specializes in and what problems can be referred to the clinic.

Marketing program implementation

The mobile application is a convenient tool for instantly informing patients about discounts and special offers. The application stores a complete database of phone numbers and email addresses that can be used for SMS and email newsletters. But there is a more effective way – push notifications sent to the user’s smartphone. When the patient clicks on such a message, he or she is taken to the app’s promotional page and can immediately take advantage of the offer – make an appointment online or create a reminder to make a decision later. What can be implemented in the app:

  • Offer services at promotional prices;
  • Earn Loyalty Program bonuses;
  • Wish patients happy birthdays and offer discounts;
  • to be invited for preventive check-ups;
  • to make free offers;
  • Send news – about updated services, equipment upgrades, new doctors, etc.

The algorithm for sending push notifications is set in the application settings. This is a flexible feature that can be adapted to the specifics of the clinic’s marketing strategy.

Loyalty program for repeat patients

By installing the app on their smartphone, users are more likely to return to the practice when they need to. The clinic maintains an unobtrusive connection with the patient, gently reminding them of themselves, making advantageous offers and sending personalized advice. In this way, one-time visitors become regulars who not only visit the dentist regularly, but also recommend the convenient service to their friends.

And to prevent patients from deleting the app immediately after their first visit, you can introduce special conditions for regular mobile users, in-app-only promotions. An equally effective incentive can be an accumulation system, where the patient receives bonuses for each new visit and partially pays for the next appointments with them. The scheme is simple and clear: the longer a patient remains an active user of the app, the more discounts and favorable offers he or she receives.

A dental mobile app can have different scales – from a simple online patient appointment form to a complex clinic automation program with different interfaces for doctors, patients, administrators, managers. But whatever the design, the app helps promote the clinic in the highly competitive dental niche. Which concept suits you in terms of functionality and budget? Contact us, we will analyze your business and suggest options.

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