Harmix is a mobile application that uses an innovative algorithm to match music to video. Artificial intelligence, based on a neural network and self-training capabilities, recognises the user's uploaded video and selects a background melody from thousands of options. The application helps create cool sales videos or promotional creations in minutes, as well as unique content for professional bloggers and user pages on social networks. This gives the product a virtually unlimited target audience.

How Harmix works

1. Log in. The first screen will prompt the user to register or log in using existing social accounts.
2. Select videos from your smartphone’s gallery. You can upload one or more clips and the programme will automatically stitch them together.
3. Trim the video (if necessary).
4. Select options: genre, mood, instrument, vocal presence, music volume, source video volume, transition effect.
5. On the server side, the software intelligently scans the clip to select music that matches the rhythm and style of the video. This step takes a few seconds.
6. You get the result – several variations of suitable melodies. Before saving, you can experiment, change the initial search parameters, get different results.
7. Saving the video. The user can save the finished result on a smartphone or share the clip on messengers.

Why is Harmix popular?

The Harmix application is popular with social networking users, bloggers, SMM specialists, marketers and video editors. It is a simple and handy tool that takes the hassle out of choosing background music. There’s no need to listen to hundreds of tracks to find the one that matches the rhythm, style and mood of the video – it does it all in seconds.

Artificial intelligence automatically analyses everything that happens in the frame, evaluates the dynamics of the video and decides what the audio should be. It scans a database of more than 5,000 high-quality tracks and makes a harmonious choice. There is still room for creativity and experimentation. You can change the search settings – for example, select “genre rock / acoustic guitar / happy mood / with vocals” – and the programme will offer the best option that matches the video and meets all the parameters you have specified.

The finished video is stored without a watermark and all the music is available for commercial use. By subscribing for a fee, users get enhanced functionality and access to premium features. In addition to subscriptions and purchases, third-party advertising in this application becomes a source of revenue for the product owner.

Steps to developing a background music application

KitApp Studio carried out the whole complex of work on the application development – from creating the UX\UI design concept to programming (development in Kotlin and Switft 2 native apps) and publishing to the stores. The main focus of the development was on quality music selection and user-friendly functionality. The main components of the project:

  • Interface.The application has an intuitive interface and a convenient structure, and the screens are designed in stylish dark colours. The design has been developed using UI/UX principles to ensure that the interface is not only beautiful but also ergonomic.
  • Functionality. Harmix is built natively for both major platforms – Android and iOS. It is based on self-learning, intelligent software that has processed thousands of videos and identified the criteria for selecting music to match the video. Modern software solutions have reduced the time it takes to scan the music database and select the right audio to a few seconds.
  • Publication. The application has been placed on the App Store / Google Play and is available for download. The site was ASO optimised, promo videos and screenshots were created to promote the product.

Today, Harmix stands out from the competition and has a large, loyal and growing audience. All this is thanks to a successful idea and its professional implementation by the specialists of the KitApp team.



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